All eyes were on me, watch my video to see just how goofy I can be…

Me singing “I wanna get Physical”! 🎤

How could I not smicker as I look back on this video taken on my 10.21 mile bike ride? It makes me giddy from deep within. I get goofy on my bike. The child in me comes out. All the sights, and sounds all around skimming by from side to side.

Biking is my all time favorite pass time. I am a little over three and half months post double mastectomy. This by far is the most tragic surgery I have had in my lifetime. So when I got the green light, and all systems go (all restrictions lifted by my surgeon) you can only imagine my delight!

My mind went right to my mountain bike, it is my happy place! I was given life after a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer. God has been so very gracious to me! So I think when my family/friends see these videos I make it is of no surprise. I am so filled with gratitude for how phenomenally well I am healing. Kneeling every morning in praise of His name!

In all this it has caused a renewed appreciation for life, and a new love for the life God has gifted me! Never take a single moment of this life for granted, for none of us ever know the day or hour we may be called home.

“One day at a time”, that is all I have. It all belongs to my loving God. I am not delirious from fever of the heat I ride in, I am just plain goofy (it is hot out there 96 degrees)! Life is too short, I am living my best life today! So goofy I will be, no matter who’s eyes may be on me….

Written for the word-of-the-day-challenge: smicker

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