It was as if…

It was as if I was an infant once again. My understanding of my life seemed so elementary. Ascribe to the Lord, oh my soul. Simply seek him all day through. For I was brand new

It was as if it was my inaugural, and all were waiting to see my next response. I was adorned with garments that glistened, and my spirit listened to that still small voice nudging me into Him. For I was brand new

It was as if I was at the premier of my own life, and all the strife was laid to rest. I had passed the test. Tried, proofed, and scrutinized. It did not matter, because Jesus went out before me. Open the curtain for all too see, let them all approve of God’s craftsmanship. My smile will beam, and it will be enough for my own spot light. My spirit will be blinding to the spectators in the auditorium. For I was brand new

It was as if I was finally adopted into loving Father’s family, and His initial was engraved in my heart. I was His masterpiece. I was His work of Art. Molded, by my potters hands, and autographed so His inscription was burned into me while in the kiln. For I was brand new

For I was brand new, and I now I wore the proof inside me. It poured out of lips when I spoke. I was soft, and supple. Like a leaky faucet, and no one was going to turn me off. The harsh abrasive me was dead. I was spirit lead. For I was brand new

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge: initial


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