August 2 Photo A Day

Green waters
Ducks in Muck
Sparrow camouflaged on the rocks
Chilling in the tall grass
Friendly little guys, came right up to us

This was written for Citysonnet Photo A Day Challenge: August 2: bird


6 thoughts on “August 2 Photo A Day

  1. I had to look hard to see the Sparrow! 😀 The Canadian Geese are wonderful. They visit us here in the u.k. for the summer. I love to see them flying over our house on the way to the pond.

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    1. I have four pictures of the Sparrow. That was my favorite. He was so camouflaged into the rock. They are funny little birds. He kept walking around, but moved very fast. They bounce when they stand. Birds are a beautiful creature for sure. We get families of Turkeys here that stop traffic to walk across a road to the other side. It is so odd to see so many, and we are not a rural area. They are in large number, and really stick together. We have a lot of Geese I just didn’t know they were Canadian. Makes sense for us since I am but a few short hours to the boarder here in Washington State.


      1. I love birds, Lisa. Your American sparrow is totally different to our European one. Our robins are different to yours as well. I don’t know why though. Yes, birds can be comical. 😀

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