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August 30 Photo A Day: I am geeky when it comes to souvenirs

This is the Center of the Universe in Wallace Idaho. A manhole!

On the corner of Bank Street and Sixth Street in the quaint mining town of Wallace, Idaho, you will find a manhole. Initially, it may seem like an unremarkable sewer cover, but step a bit closer and you’ll realize it is much, much more: It is the Center of the Universe.

The town of Wallace is four by nine blocks and has a current population of 784 citizens. But in 2004, the mayor made a proclamation: “I, Ron Garitone, Mayor of Wallace, Idaho, and all of its subjects, and being of sound body and mind, do hereby solemnly declare and proclaim Wallace to be the Center of the Universe.”

The real answer, Hillman continues, relies on the theory of probabilism: If you cannot prove that Wallace is not the Center of the Universe, then it must be the Center of the Universe.

We went to Wallace for the weekend of our wedding Anniversary so we could Ride the Route of Hiawatha Trail. A 15 mile bike ride through tunnels, and over train trestles. When ever we go out of town, I am geeky about souvenirs. I also know I look like the stereotypical tourist, and I don’t care. I take tons of pictures, I leave with a t-shirt, coffee mug, and anything else I might fancy from the city we visited. So I did get a great Hoodie from the Route to the Hiawatha Trail, and a coffee mug. I also got these great earrings. Which that was new type of souvenir for me.

Center of the Universe earrings
My hubby, and I right over the man hole. Which is right in the middle of the road. Getting this picture is impossible during the day with all the cars.
Our new coffee cup
The back of my Hoodie 🤙

Written for Citysonnet Photo A Day Challenge: August 30: souvenir


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