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One-liner Wednesday September 2, Patience is a virtue (play on words)

Yet I wasn’t laughing

Yet I wasn’t laughing, since Covid and Breast Cancer double Mastectomy surgery this has been my life, except I wasn’t laughing.

So the whole idea I pull up with my driver, and we call the number on the outside of the door to the clinic to check in. My mom happened to be my driver on this day. The lady responds with “a nurse will be right out to get you.” It is a very hot dry day resting temp is about 98 degrees.

My mom proceeds to recline her drivers seat, and begins to fall asleep. It is pretty close to closing time inside the clinic. Once 5:00 rolled around, and an hour had passed I called that number again. They forgot about me, and it was my mom who was more unhappy about the situation then me. She let them know when they came out to get me too. She works at a hospital so this was not okay with her in slightest bit, Covid or no Covid. I was like you tell them mom. Covid has changed how all my appointments go. This day though my mom and I were really like seriously?!?! Patience is a virtue (play on words).


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

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