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Creation! Your blood runs through me…

A miracle inside me, creation upon conception. My perception at 22 was this is odd(there is a tiny human inside me). It felt more like an alien life form, when you kicked from within. How grand our creators plan. Creation!

My belly moves from within. I was phat, P-H-A-T! Tiny imprints feet, and hands. Tightly wrapped upon my heart. From that very moment, the start. Creation!

You both had names from the get go. No she/he. It was Brie Faith, and Elias Kenneth. My blood runs through you. Creation! 

Nine months inside my womb. Held dear to you. You ate what I ate. I was given broccoli upon the news (ewe)! I took very good care of you. Nurturing the tiny peoples you were inside of me. Creation!

You were chosen by the Lord to be attached to me by umbilical cord. Creation from the moment of conception. I could feel you. My waistline felt you too. All sorts of Ice Cream I could dish. No one told me different back then. I gained 15 pounds in 1 month. Too much junk. They apparently have education on that now. Oh well I was like a weeble wobble, tap my shoulder and I might have toppled over. Short, and jolly pregnant with you. Creation!  

You were chosen for me, and I was chosen for you. My blood runs through you. Creation!

What began the change of life at the young age of 22. Can’t believe Brie Faith you are coming on 24 in 22 days, and little Eli just turned 22. Eeek. Creation!

Can’t get back any years, so I marvel in the miracle that you began as these tiny creations upon conception. That in but a moment, was the beginning of the miracle that you both are today. Conception is such a beautiful thing. For that moment I would not change a thing. Creation!

Pee on stick to convince the rest, my life test had already begun. For tiny fetus dependant on me resided within in me. Proof of life you got it, it turned blue. The day our lives changed forever grand. I stand in awe at creations hand. Creation! 

You were chosen for me, and I was chosen for you. Your blood runs through me. Put the broccoli down, it makes me gag. I am certain they are wanting ice cream. 

9 months later, bursting blinded by the light to be part of the world. Life outside of the womb. Mom was right there to nurture you. Tear stained face (me), perfect face (you). What was you, and the tiny person you became at the instant of conception. 22 months separate each birth. 

You were chosen for me, and I was chosen for you. My blood runs through you. Creation!! 

I love you both unconditionally, from the moment of conception a love no one can take. Creation!

Psalm 127:3. “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.” The Good News: Children are rewards from God, so we must follow his word to truly cherish his gifts. …


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

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