Ebb, and Wane; Peter out you hear!

Ebb, and Wane entered into the room where I sat. Trying to take seat. I pushed the seat in quickly for they could not take rest. I asked them politely as they were boisterous, and haughty to please Peter-out. My Bible lay open to scriptures for my quiet time with the Lord. This is the usual scenario. Satan will use so many a distraction to keep my eyes from extracting from God’s word.

Lord help my heart to flourish. May the fire always be lit. May it never be extinguished. If I am not set apart, from that of the world how I am any different? Let not the ways of man dwindle me down, so many today don’t want to proclaim your word. Let me sharpen my sword every day.

In your word I will find my sword, let me keep it sharp. May its sheath be of the best bound leather. May I use it as my tool in all I discover.  

The world is misled, it is dapper in its sin. Its lure, polished spilling with entrigue. The views often scewed, and the Bible says we are to have that of eyes as eagles. Hoping I find muse within is their spin and take. May I not be surprised for they will try with diguise, and no relent. May I walk with a guarded heart, and foot that can not be tempted.  

Like so many a thing becomes ritualistic in nature. Let my heart be of the most intimate of demeanor. 

So again as they will ALWAYS try to woo, when Ebb and Wane enter into the room let them scamper out blinded by the light illimuniating from within that of your scriptures pouring over me, and spilling into the room that of YOU!

Scowling with hurt, as they drag their tails between their legs all the way. May they Peter-out, scoffing at how their presence does not even phase me. Howls swoon, but the light will keep them at bay. As relentless as the sun on a scolding dry summer day, again they shall try with their lies foaming at the mouth. May my heart be ever so prepared that when I claim in your name (Jesus) they will always run scared! 

The weakness of so many modern Christians is that they feel too much at home in the world.” ~A.W. Tozer


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