My buddy is getting ready for its last hoorah, blah blah blah

Summer is shedding its skin, the heat of the day is no longer out to play. It is saying its farewell, and allowing autumn’s introduction

Summer loving, sun kissed breeze, summer dancing in the streets. Summer loving, why must you leave? The warmth of my skin tingles from sweat beads

I have to accept that you must go, you are one of four seasons for a reason. I will miss you making my skin feel so pretty, and glowing with color

I will miss my mood enchanted with the beautiful sunrise, and sunset. That good ol’ vitamin D. Can’t you see, you and me have always been buddy-buddy

Until we meet again, summer loving. Mountain biking like a crazy mad woman. Just can’t get enough. I don’t want to have to store my bike away. Summer I so wish you could stay

I don’t want to say goodbye or bid you adieu. Get out my flannels, or put away my Keen’s. In an instant my golden colored skin, will change to white as a ghost. Weirdest thing a person ever has seen. My color just goes, as quickly as my buddy. Summer

Summer loving, summer kiss, and one last dance before we admit you are done. Dancing together to the beat of the sun

9 thoughts on “My buddy is getting ready for its last hoorah, blah blah blah

      1. He is my heart, my soul mate. He was who God set aside for me after my restoration of self. He took care of me after my double mastectomy. He drained all 8 of my drain tubes every 4 hours. He loves me just as I am, far from perfect. He is man after God’s own heart! He is a gift from God, and so is our love. Thank you so much! Yeah I think I like him, and shall keep him around 😁💕


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