September 24, Photo A Day, heart crema, and a little lemon zest to top it off

Indaba Coffee Roasters is known locally for the best coffee in town. The shots are perfect, and the barista’s are artsy. Whether you get a heart, leaf, or something else neat. All their drinks are named after our streets. This is the Nettleton…Delicious

Written for Citysonnet Photo A Day: September 24: scrumptious


9 thoughts on “September 24, Photo A Day, heart crema, and a little lemon zest to top it off

    1. We here in the Pacific Northwest are huge coffee connoisseurs. The first Starbucks originated in Seattle Washington. Not that I am much of a Starbuck’s fan myself. I worked for them many years ago. My daughter is an assistant manager for one in Orlando Florida. They just mass produce, I love coffee shops that take time into their shots, and make a really sweet cup of coffee. ☕️

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      1. Yeah we have a drive up stand on just about every corner of our city. In the last couple years many incredible independents have come our way. They have a great coffee atmosphere, with the best baristas. They make the whole coffee experience worth every penny spent. When you get the artistry as part of the deal, it is sealed for me ☕️🤙

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      2. There are too many honestly lol. It is when you know you struck gold in the coffee you hold. That is when all other’s don’t even matter. I just go to the one that is my pot of gold! 💜☕️😊

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