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Upon a weed, and a wish

Every child in their youth, and come on adults tell the truth we find these weeds fun! Age does not make a difference. Blowing as we make a wish. Don’t tell anyone what is it or that wish you blew may not come true. Blowing with all our might, watching the air take flight to our fanciful youth 

This actually is a Taraxacum officinale. What you might see as an irritating weed, I see as flawless

When we blow upon its round circle watching it dissipate from its circles form, it seeds the ground where dandelions invade. What a trade a wish for an army of dandelions taking reservation as if they were allies upon on our neatly groomed lawns. It would never dawn on us not to entrust the imagination in that child like play. Its transformation from a round bolbous plea, to a yellow icky smelling flowery weed. It is done, we blew with all our desire

Hoping our wish come true. A Gardner’s worst nightmare, and we all have taken part in it. I did this just last year, and I can’t tell you what I wished for. That is between me, and Taraxacum officinale..

An unwanted decal in most yards across America. A dandelion taking relief, upon a weed and wish. What a conundrum indeed in a Taraxacum.

So the next time you see one will you pull it from its root, and blow upon it making your wish?. You bet we all will…

This is a passing of time, yet we will take part in for it is passed down from natures generations. It is because it is based upon a weed and wish. 

We all live for just one wish…if for only it came true as we blew. Shh. Mine is still in the making, and I did blow with all my might. All the seedlings took flight to dandelions storms wreak havoc. So my wish very well still may come true


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

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