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New growth, no matter the climate I am growing in Him

My feet sink deep into your earth, firmly taking root. Soil bed I lay, nurtured there. Under gardener’s care

The ground kept watered generously, waiting to unveil life blossoms within me

From a shoot to a flower in full bloom. Vibrant in color, a kindergarteners best kept crayon

Fertilized, and nursed to keep disease at bay. New growth daily. Blessed is my keeper, as I am taking heed to the need of nurture. Bright future

Fervent I grow, and fervent He keeps me. The soil that swaddles my new growth keeps my leaves from withering 

Storms pass, and winds blow. Wanting to steal my beauty, make my petals not cower. One day I will be placed in a meadow deep. Just not yet, not at this hour

Soiled in the the seed it is now permiated into my roots, giving me the boost to keep growing. Reaping what I sow

I will not wither, fade, or ebb. I shall stand tall within my root bed allowing to be fed, and fostered. People are turning their heads, they see color in me

For I am firmly rooted, soils bed has fertilized my core. Beyond any compare. Stare and gaze, at the gardener’s hand. All His plan. Me just willing to be the soot for His making

Peace in the watered bed of soil I lay today, and everyday. May the storm pass fast, stalk not dwindle

Flourish not flounder in my pot of life, shears keeping pruning. Grooming. Vibrant no matter the weather’s climate, catching every passerby eyes they see new growth blooming

One day at time I keep growing, and blossoming in Him
The purpose in the growth is to become a beautiful flower

As for man, his days are like grass;
As a flower of the field, so he flourishes.
Psalm 103:15


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

12 thoughts on “New growth, no matter the climate I am growing in Him

    1. Thank you so much for taking time to read, and as well comment! I am blessed by your comments! Have a great evening, and keep offering hope through God’s words. We can use it! Blessings 💜 Lisa

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  1. Wow! what a treat to read. Your affirmation and ackowledgment is powerful! I would love to hear you read this! Nevertheless, I can hear the joy of your voice, the tone of rejoicing allows me to smile in your victory, in your journey.

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    1. Wow! Well thank you very much for such kind words! Coming from a poet such as you quite a compliment. I just let the words pour out. I am blessed that it touched you. I appreciate you taking the time out to comment as always. It is always uplifting to hear positive feedback! Blessings for a rad day! Yes I said rad! 😊 Lisa

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      1. Lol…yes you said it “rad!” and yes it pour out you like a waterfall and it met my ocean and stirred my emotions. It is my pleasure to visit you and your blog! the positive feedback is only an echo from that which you put out, which is positively uplifting and glorifying God! So blessings for a rad day for you too:)

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      2. Totally Tubular 😁! God is so gracious, and I get to abide/thrive in Him to no end. I am no longer afraid of where I am going when I pass one day. I used to be all because of the shame game. I don’t reside there today. Praise God for that. I just got done writing, and I always feel so grand after. God definitely feels my soul, and for thee I will continue to uphold. Blessing kind fellow, and may all of us keep on shining bright in Him! Lisa

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