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He delivered me…

He delivered me out of my sadness, happiness

He delivered me out of my madness, sanity

He delivered me from an alcoholic hell, sobriety

He delivered from all that made me spiritually ill, well

He delivered me from selfishness, selflessness

He delivered me from hopelessness, hope

He delivered me from an attitude of ungratefulness, gratitude

He delivered me from self loathing/pity, compassion

Jesus delivered me, and I no longer hide. I come to Him in a daily reprieve on bended knee with a new song in my heart. I have strength in lift of my hands, and I have a voice today. I can sing. No one can muffle my mouth, booze is not out for strangulation of my self. Praises humming. I get to chose. I chose life. I am delivered free of all the chains, my own self demise. I am His prize.

Jesus delivered me clean, and I am able to look that mirror straight in the glass I see a graceful lady. Nothing shady. The mirror glistens, I am not breathing broken glass. Waiting for the world to pass. Amazed at my eyes for they are the color green. In gaze at my face that should look so much older, and colder. For all the years of running with hate. Fate, yes He delivered me. I gave my life to Him in trade of my own imprisonment.

Jesus delivered me free. My death sentence was appealed at the cross. Crematorium papers misplaced. Declared she is no longer a danger, deranged, or estranged. Jesus declared me legally sane, and my life was singed of on. He paid the penalty on the cross, for how far I was lost. I owed a debt I could not pay, he paid a debt He did not owe. You reap what you sow. It was time for me to get up, go, and grow. I was free. Humming Praises long over do.

He delivered me

This is sanity’s smile, this is what I see every day since Jesus delivered me. And yes my eyes are green, who would have thought. Always was told they were blue, they are not. God could and would if He were sought! Sought!

Fernando Ortega said it best in “Give me Jesus” this song was sung was sung at Ruth Bell Graham’s memorial. Fernando is a beautiful soul, I had the honor of meeting him when he played at our church many years ago. Being once married to a P.K.’s kid comes with some cool perks. This song for me says it all!


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

8 thoughts on “He delivered me…

  1. Well said Lisa! So glad to have stumbled upon a random comment from you on Pooja’s blog. It made me think you may be a kindred soul. I am new here, using this as a platform to occupy my mind and share some experiences anonymously after a personal crisis. I’m eight years sober and at least that hasn’t been in question throughout this event. The Good Lord knows it woulda been soooooo much worse! I’m still trying to work out a way to write it up. Or maybe I don’t really need to, we’ll see. Thanks for what you write and God bless you on your continued journey.

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    1. There is nothing a drink or drug will not make worse. I also know none of us are exempt from going back out or picking up. It is all about our spiritual house. I try to live my life daily with a daily reprieve, and many times over I have to turn it over to God again and again. My brain always gets in the way. I am sorry about your personal crisis. I know for me with my recent breast cancer, and double mastectomy I have found it so healing to write. It is a great time filler, and I have more of that than I know what to do with these days. In the past I didn’t have the tools to know how be alone with my own thoughts. I am 7 years sober this past August 6th. I was a stubborn drunk, and even the giving up of a 21 year marriage and 2 children wasn’t enough for me to wake me from my slumber. Not to mention jails, and institutions. God did make His way back to me, and broke me to my very core. My marriage was so unhealthy, but I do have both my young adult kids back in my life today. I remarried, and I am happier today at 46 years old than I have been in the entirety of my life. Hardships have come our way, but we both work our own program. It works in our marriage too. I see it daily. We have a strong foundation built upon God, and a 12 step program with a solution. It is beautiful actually. I am not trying to minimize your pain. I am just sharing a little of who I am. Bruised, battered, and stained. Here by the grace of God, but always know when I see someone at their bottom of a bottle there goes I. I can’t forget where I came from. I pray you keep sharing, and find healing. Do what you need to do to find your peace, and serenity. Blessings Lisa


      1. Thanks so much Lisa. Whenever I hear someone share their story it’s the ones who go through trials and maintain their sobriety and spiritual fitness that mean the most to me. Awesome to meet you! Don’t feel as though you are belittling my issues by talking about your own. Your experience, strength, and hope through the struggle gives me encouragement just like with all of the folks around here that I know. Once we get past the B.S. and share our true selves with each other is when the healing occurs on both sides. Of course with God thrown into the mix as well 😊

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      2. True dat’. I don’t have God without my sobriety, and can’t have my sobriety without God. Experience, strength, and hope! We can’t give up before the miracle happens. Every day is a miracle for me. What is your name, I am so bad at knowing people’s name based off their blog name. Everyone calls me Lisa because I said my name is Lisa. Are you just your blog name, or do I just call you dude? Jk. I have a very sarcastic sense of humor. It is a pleasure to meet you as well, and I will be looking forward to reading more of your work. Stay close to God, and live in the solution. I was told that by many when my husband now, and I were hit with one tragedy after the next. Even our friends who are normies kept telling us to stay connected to what we know works. The promises are real, they do come to pass. We get what we put into it. See right here, we did just that!


      3. Haha, my real name is Daniel E. but you can call me dude if ya want. I set up this account to be private even with a new email address for it because of some of the things I’ll be posting soon. But anyway I don’t mind sharing this much. My email is if you or your husband ever want to connect with me off of this site. I think you said that he’s in the program as well. That’s awesome, some of the happiest married couples I know are those who work the steps in recovery and or Alanon. It makes me think about a couple I know in my home-group who are a beautiful success story. Almost thirty years sober apiece. She is going through her own cancer treatment right now and the outcome is not looking good but she’s incredibly resilient and inspiring all of us with her outlook and thoughts of others throughout this. God and the 12 steps work miracles in so many ways.

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      4. Daniel it has been a pleasure, yes my husband and I are both in the program. He is 8 years older than I am. He has been in the program for 29 years. He went through the doors at the age of 22. He hasn’t picked up a drink since. He did though have an accident where they started feeding him opiates. Which began a 10 year battle for him. He never picked up the bottle, but he still turned in his time. So he is coming on 4 years clean. He had 17 years when he told the drs how serious his recovery was. He owns it though. He was the one that in the end did all the same things he did as a drunk. Yes my marriage is healthier at 2 years then my marriage of 21 years to the pastors kid I married from the church I grew up in. He is a severe alcoholic to this day, and so stuck. I am close with his parents, they see the change in me. We just keep praying he reaches bottom. My kids are 24, and 22. I was 20 when I married, young and dumb! Thought I knew it all. My relationship with daughter is still scathed, but she will come around. My relationship with my son is awesome! They don’t have any contact with their dad, and my son adores my husband. I agree some of the healthiest marriages I know both parties working the program. You can also though have sobriety, and not be living sober. I can’t do that today. I am all in or all out. I am off to bed, but really look forward to reading more of your blog. I will be on the look out for it! Just keep is simple, and let go and let God! Stay in the solution! I live the 12 steps daily, and when I get off track I usually recognize it pretty fast. Unless of course my EGO is getting in the way. Prayer is huge in our lives. God is so gracious, and always has our best! Blessings new WP friend! Lisa 🙏🏻


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