Tale Weaver – #296 – Stranger – 8th October

For Michael at MLMM:

Yeah I am no stranger to this. Who the heck names a dog George anyways? It is too damn cold to be out here. “George come here George”. I plead under shivering teeth.

This is ridiculous I tell the kids it’s your dog, you will care for him. Yet who is the one out in the 12 degree weather calling for him. Who will be the bad guy in this, me!

I never wanted a dog in the first place they are so much damn work. We barely get the thing potty trained, and now he has gone, and run off. Animals are stupid!

Half past 4 o’clock it is going to be getting dark soon. I am about ready to turn around. Yeah I am no stranger to this. I don’t even see a set of footprints resembling paws. I tell ya I am going to put my foot down the next time a topic of any sort of animal is breeched in my house. I don’t see the kids all eagerly dressed in their winters best out doing everything they can in search of their dog. “George”. I called out so loud, I heard a tree branch crack behind me from the crisp breeze whisping the trees. My knees were cold, my feet felt damp.

I will give it one more hour down this path, one more hour to see if that dumb mutt might come running amuck. Really who names their dog George? Yeah I am no stranger to this! I am pist! An hour more…maybe a little more. “George”!!!!


5 thoughts on “Tale Weaver – #296 – Stranger – 8th October

  1. we had a dog when I was younger that got loose once…my mom drove around for what seemed like ours searching for her. When she got home, the dog was sitting on the back stoop, happy as could be! Mom wasn’t too happy

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    1. Ah ha, you read deep within the story. That is why he was staying out longer. It was such a fun write. Doing these has brought out the writer that used to enter the Young Writer’s conference, and always wrote fiction. Thank you so much for the commenting after you read this. It means a lot coming from you! WordPress has been so good for me in all my down time with my breast health! I love being back in here! Blessings for a great rest of your weekend! 💜 Lisa

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