15 thoughts on “Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Inside Your Home

    1. Well we are in the middle of getting ready for a move. 2 weeks from today we are out of here. So a lot of our stuff in packed. We do have a very eclectic taste from antiques to modern. If we like it we like, and that is just how we decorate. Thanks for recognizing my post, and for the reblog. 🤩💜

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    1. Well I did my best for having a lot of my home packed. Thank you! I love those Starfish, and the boxes they are my proof I got a lot done. I am feeling better, thank you for asking. I am trying to balance my days. 2 weeks until we move! Wohoo! I am so excited! Have an amazing day. Rainy and 57 here today. Fall is here for sure! 😊💜


      1. Well one of our best friends lives in Wilsonville Oregon. I love Oregon. So we hear from them how the weather is, and it similar to ours. It was 78 degrees yesterday. Today it is 54 degrees!

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