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Happy 68th Heavenly Birthday Daddy, until I see you again…

Daddy’s little girl

Jesus did you know…I have not an earthly Father to celebrate on what would be his 68th birthday today! 38 years he has been gone, wow!

Jesus did you know…The night he took his life with gun in hand and shed his own blood he too shed the blood from our hearts 

Jesus did you know…As I heard the piercing scream as my mom dropped the phone. Deafeated at all costs his earthly soul gone. In a moment our lives changed

Jesus did you know…I was only 9, but I remember the anger raging through me. Sitting on a neighbors lap. Watching my mom sobbing. Raising my fist to the heavens asking how could you do this. Remembering her pleads, “please don’t do it”. 200 miles away. There was not even a phantasm of hope left when the gun rung loud. I often wonder how she has managed to be okay?

Jesus did you know…I don’t have a lot of memory of the times we shared, but every picture says in sentiment I was a daddy’s girl through and through. He taught me to read, write, and ride my blue banana seat bike. I do know he loved me 

Jesus did you know…Yes just as you know the count of every hair on my head, and that of my next thought. I need not wonder. You have purposed this all for your good. I may not have an earthly Father, but I have a heavenly one that loves beyond any measure I can compare. Unconditional, merciful, and gracious. How great a love I have found in you!!

Jesus you know!

Happy Heavenly Birthday Daddy, 68 years old! You were a troubled soul, but you gave your heart to Jesus. I know one day with all certainty I will see you again! Jesus knows!


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

17 thoughts on “Happy 68th Heavenly Birthday Daddy, until I see you again…

    1. I listened to a morning devotional on Instagram. The pastor said we all have a story. Some are even gory, this story and much more make me who I am today. I have compassion in areas of my life where I might not have not having had this tragic experience. God only knows the reason. I had to talk to so many pastors about my dad’s salvation because he was born again. Some people are strong that suicide is death to hell. Not one pastor in my 38 years, has said that of my dad. I believe he was saved, and just a lost soul with some trouble in his mind. A chemical imbalance, and I will see him again. I hope this doesn’t get controversial. I see biblical posts where I don’t believe all that is written. I just keep silent though. Jesus knows! Thank you for taking the time to read, and comment. You’re a very welcome presence in here! Blessings 🙏🏻Lisa

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      1. Oh I am sorry to hear of that. What an vulnerable age. Loss is hard, especially when it not from old age. I am not saying it not hard to still say goodbye to someone who has lived a long time, but it is easier. I know from experience. It has been a blessing getting to know you, 💜

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    1. It was so very long ago, and God has worked on my heart in many ways. I know my dad was not made for this world. He was mentally off, and in the 80’s the signs were not as prevalent as they are today. He is in a better place. It is all part of my story, I have compassion for other’s in similar situations. Thank you for such kind words! Blessings 💜 Lisa


    1. Thank you, it was so long ago. God had a plan, and it part of my story today. It was hard at the time, but I have so much compassion for people with mental illness today. Blessings Lisa 💜

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  1. Hugs! This is so sad. I am so sorry you lost your dad to suicide! Thats really awful and you were so young when it happened! Sending up prayers for him and for you too Lisa! Love! ❤


  2. Truly sorry for your loss, my friend.

    Although it was tragic, the memories we hold of loved ones gone before us are priceless.
    Take solace in the fact that nothing can ever erase those beautiful mind memoirs. 🌹🌹🌹

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