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Twiglet #198

cherry red sky

Oh she was a beaut! 69’ Dodge Charger. She was a little rough around the edges, but so am I. It was not a tough sell.

There she sat the car I dreamed of since I was 16, and I had saved every penny earned to buy her.

As I put “my” key into her ignition, and pushed the gas pedal full throttle, she was now my model. Cherry Lane was going to be her name, and she was going in for a new body image. Cherry Red Sky was the color I had already picked. It didn’t matter she was not mint. Cherry Lane was mine. She was oh so divine, and we would go miles together in this lifetime.

Cherry Lane, and I…


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

36 thoughts on “Twiglet #198

    1. It was so much fun to participate in, I only just started doing fiction writing prompts. I have been having such wonderful time with all of them. Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and as well comment. Blessings 💜 Lisa

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    1. It so weird how much I have enjoyed these prompts. I don’t know why the hesitation for so long to try just one. Now I am looking for them everywhere. Thank you so much, it all comes to me so fast. I think I enjoy them more than my own writing 😬 not sure what that means! Oh my lol! Thank you for reading, and taking time to comment. It is helping solidify my thinking. I think 🤔 lol.

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      1. I’m so glad, I love the prompts as well, and commenting, thank you also for commenting to my blog I appreciate all the comments you leave me 💝🤗


  1. There are quite a few fun flash fiction prompts around. Twiglets is one of my favorites.
    But then I’ve ‘known’ Misky for most of my blogging ‘life’.

    I don’t always get around to them on the day they come up. Some only give you a week – others are open ended.

    I know folks who’ve named their cars. I never did though. I remember the show “My Mother the Car” and think… I’d rather not channel any thing. Not that I’m all that superstitious.

    A fun read. Cheers, Jules

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    1. Thank you so much, my mom owned classic cars growing up. I have a group of friends here that have a car club, they look like greasers. They all dress alike, they all own Mopar’s. All of them name their car a females name. They are very passionate about it too lol. I appreciate the feedback of the the flash fiction prompts. I really do enjoy them.
      Happy Sunday! 😊

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      1. If you leave a comment at any one of my posts (maybe even the twigs prompt piece: the pearl within? or send me an email… (that you should get in your notifications or email that notifies you of comments…) Then I could send you my list. Since I didn’t see an about page or contact page on your blog.

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      2. I have an about page, and comments. I have seen many people be able to find it? 🤔 I do need a major overhaul on my blog I don’t know how to set up my social media apps. I was active big time on here a couple years ago. Things have really changed! So I am struggling, but focus more on writing. I should take a day to reconstruct my whole blog. I do have an about page though. 🤗

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      3. Can you send me a link to your about page? You should have my email address since I’ve left comments on your blog. Honestly I don’t see any pages other than the main page.

        I don’t do any other social media than my blog. I’m still using the Classic Editor, because the New Block Editor is the pits for poetry. I can’t stand the extra line spaces.

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      4. Can I send you my email address? I am horrible with links! That is my biggest problem which held me back from doing writing prompts. Christine from Stine Writing started putting the link right in her prompts, with encouragement for me to start doing them. Her and Sadje were huge in me starting the flash fiction. So nice of her to do that.

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      5. Sajie’s ‘What do you see?’ is one of the prompts I also do. Sure – you can send me a note to my email which you should have access to either in the WP comments (go to your WordPress Dashboard comments) or in your in email in box notifications of comments – at least that’s where I get addresses from.

        As for links in your post – all you have to do is click on them. But I can also help you in a limited way in creating links. I do mine with a bit of code. But I think there is another way to do it – but I don’t know that way.

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      6. I just now am seeing this has dinner with my mom tonight. I work from my phone I believe is a little bit of a hinderance for me. I am moving, and hope to have a computer set up in our new place. I will take look at your blog. You’re too kind! I really appreciate all your comments, and willingness to try and help. Hey have an awesome week! 💜 Lisa

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      7. I had it one another blog and maybe to just make things easier I’ll put at least the list of my favorite prompts on a page. They can wait as it looks like you’ve got a good bunch of prompts that you already do 🙂 Good luck with your move. I’ve had one too many moves myself. 😉 Good to be settled in one place for awhile though.

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      8. Yeah I hate moving, we moved from Spokane Washington to Orlando Florida 3,200 miles with two kids, and usually a dog 7 times. It was just so crummy. My husband and I now have lived here 2 years. We had a 2 year goal. We met it, and are excited. I will be glad to be done. I have until November 9th to get everything unpacked. That will be my last and final surgery for breast cancer. Then my post op is 2 days before Thanksgiving. So as I am really good at packing with much experience, I am pretty boxed in right now. Saturday will be here before we know it. Sounds good thanks!

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      9. You have to use the link I offered in a previous comment (or any link in a piece that I put submission to a prompt) to get to my blog… the icon doesn’t get you there.

        No rush. Stay safe and sane. I’ll work on that page of prompts this week…

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      1. I see how to get there but not follow you. I am such a pain in the butt, sorry! I made it there. I just looking to where I can follow you 😬


      2. That’s a good question. I know other folks have. I think WP might have messed things up when they went to the New Block editor.

        I’ve looked on my site and I can’t see a ‘follow’ thingy either. I’ve looked on some other sites that I follow and can’t see how to follow them now either. Odd.

        I know it can be done because I just had someone new do so within the week. Maybe it was from the Reader?

        I’ll look into it.. Maybe you can ask one of your smart tech friends 😉

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      3. I am the smartest one lol jk. I will look into too! Golly who would have thought it could be so difficult a task. I can’t wait to get my computer set up, and work from it. 6 days! Wohoo! Party in the house! Pizza party..
        I did a prompt today from Fandango. Christine has been putting the links so I can easily copy them right in to my post.
        It has been a fun new adventure for me. Flash fiction is not on my About Page, I have so much to change up inside my Blog.
        I have been packing all day, and I am getting claustrophobic in my place. I have boxed myself in. I might need a break soon. Thanks again for all your help 🙄

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  2. OK after a little investigating; if you go to the bottom right of any blog and double click a little box should pop up asking if you want to follow – It has a + sing in front of the word Follow. I signed off on my blog and looked and did it twice… and it popped up. I don’t follow my own blog, and I don’t follow many blogs at all. I have a long favorites list. I try to return visits to those who visit my posts. I don’t like a crowded mailbox. I hope that helped.

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      1. Some do I think… just to check their posts maybe?
        Ah… you found it. Thank you.

        I generally write post at least once a day. not always at the same time. I like to write to a prompt before I read others takes… and I don’t read everyone who posts to a prompt – not enough time in a day. I often prompt mash… combine prompts.

        I try and avoid hot topics. And stick with poetry, and flash fiction, but sometimes reality sneaks in. 😀

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      2. Yeah I learned you don’t read before you write your own flash fiction. None of what you said will hurt my feelings. I get it we all have lives. I am just on the mend from breast cancer, so as of now have a little more time than usual. There will be a day I will have to pull away. My doctor hopefully at the beginning of next will release me back into the work life again. I miss it, and I don’t do well with so much time on my mind. That is why WP has been a great outlet for me right now.
        Hey have a great day, you have been more than helpful. 🤙

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      3. Continued success on recovery!!
        I’m pretty much retired and my time is my own to own.

        World is in a crazy way right now. My hubby is working from home. Hope you are able to do what you want. ~ Jules

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