What do you see #51? An hourglass of time…

Image credit; Adrien King @ Unsplash

An hourglass of time, you would think it divine. How fast the sand sifted its way to the bottom of the glass. Swirling with memories of last. Picture books in my head. Turning the pages, ages ago. Older, taller, wrinkly, all in the blink of an eye. Time passes us by.

Recollection in a collection of layers. Tears, laughter, grief, sorrow, each pebble a marker for something passed. Alas all my expectations never met. Sitting there I am reaching, but my hand can’t quite touch the tales of time. I guess it is meant to be left behind. Someone else from above is in reach for it too, let it be for they now have the chance to turn over the hourglass of their own making. It is theres for the taking.

Let them begin just as I did, a memory of a lifetime in the hourglass of time. Yes I will attest it has been divine.



16 thoughts on “What do you see #51? An hourglass of time…

    1. These prompts have been the best time I have had inside WP. I get excited when they pop up. I haven’t wrote friction since I was young. I really love being able to participate in them, thank you for having me! Your efforts mean a lot that put them out for all of us if we want! Thank you as well for your kind comments! 💜 Lisa

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    1. Thank you I am seeing I am getting a better response from these fictional prompts than my own writing. Oh my what does this mean, lol. No really I need to take a look at that for sure. I just took these on a new facet, and I love them so much. We will see how well my write does today. Maybe this is my new niche’ per say. 🤔 Thank you so much! I appreciate it, this gives me some things to think about today in writing journey. 💜

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      1. Yeah, I figured the same thing, I get a lot of response to my prompts as well, sorry it took me so long to start reading your blog, it’s brilliant I love it 🦋😁

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      2. Awee too kind! Thank you so very much! It my thing now that I am home all time since my double mastectomy. No better way to spend my time, and that I have more than I know what to do with these days. I appreciate your comments! 💜Lisa

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