Crimson’s Creative Challenge #101

Behind the moss, and stone built wall through a cut out in the rock was a hidden secret room. I believe to this day it was all mine to find.

Not a single person on this earth knows what lies behind that stone in that of my own secret dwelling place. I have a blanket, and pillows I brought from home. In make of my dwelling place comfy from the cold earth floor.

I can lie in billows of my reality on those pillows for hours upon hours knowing no one can find me. I am free from what is allowed to happen to me outside the protection of that stone wall. It is my panic room, my safe haven, my place of rest. No one can see the tear stains upon my chest. The puddles of mud from years of crying. I get to stand up wipe off my face, and pretend for another day I will make it.

I will make it back to my hide, and no seek room. My place in the middle of no where behind the moss, and stone built wall through the cut out in my sacred place. That is where for hours I get to let out all my pain, scream and no one hears. This has been my secret hiding place for years and years and years.

6 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #101

    1. Thank you so much! It was another one I wrote in about 10 minutes. I am tying to find as many as I can. I hope to try one a day. With the exception of the weekends. The weekends I only do Photo A Day, and SoCS prompt. It is so I have as much time as I can with my husband. I appreciate your feedback!

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