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Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – #297 – The Witches Garden – 15th October

This week we shall venture into a Fairy Story around the theme of The Witches Garden.

Luring, its cast as it catches you right in your upper lip. You bit down hard. Mesmerizing, not surprising, as the darkness reels you in

Your skin dampens with brisk air, your hair on your arms harden making them heavy as you draw nearer the garden. Popsicle toes, and your nose rose red. You can feel the dead

Ghostly you keep walking yet you can’t feel your feet, floating closer to the witches gate. Echoes of groans, and moans so loud in your ear. Muffling them it grows ringing stinging your lobes

All you want to do is run the other way, but you can’t turn from it. You’re caught, it is alarming how it seems almost beautiful yet so terrifying at the same time

You hear the gate lock behind you, you’re in. Laughter all encompassing. No words come from your mouth as it moves in speech. Your body frozen, as you try in lift of your limbs. You have no idea what is happening, your brain can’t even form a thought

You are now caught in what is the the gloom of the witches garden. You knew better to even walk that route, but the delusion so great for what lied behind the garden gate. Bewitched it is now past too late


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

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