Setting sail taking flight for in you my Lord I delight

You took my very broken wings, and gave me flight. I soar swiftly, yet gently across the skies. Day and night

You took my broken heart, and were the ultimate surgeon. Purging the old, and replacing it with new. Your hands were that of Uncondtional Love. No greater love known to man

You took my eyes that saw no hope, and gave me a new forecast. Taking off my mask, and giving me perfect vision. Opened my ears so I might hear, and allowed for my life purpose 

You took me when I was lost, and were my compass. Drawing me out my map. Nudging me along the path. Giving ample supplies to me survive, you heard my cries

When I was shipwrecked at sea you Lord came for me, and salvaged the wreckage. Crafted with the best carpeterners hands giving me a new boat. Set me back out to sea declaring victory in your name. I will never be the same

So I have set sail, and have also taken flight. For in you Lord I delight. With your mighty hands you drug me to safety, and I need not fear anymore. You steer me in flight, and at sea. Amazed in awe of the beauty I see in me. Potential to be anything you want me to be

Alas I have set sail for greater things this life has in thee, you are captain of my ship. From my mouth drips words I am eager to share. For your love, grace, and compassion for nothing compares

Isaiah 40:31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


9 thoughts on “Setting sail taking flight for in you my Lord I delight

    1. Awe too kind just wrote from my heart. It is chilly here this morning. We have plans to have dinner with my mom. Our microwave decided to give our during that power outrage we have so that will be nice. I use mine for everything under the sun lol. Fortunately we will have microwave at our new place above the oven. So I can go a week. Weird timing. Lol. Again thank you for your kind words! Lisa


    1. Thank you, I just wrote from my heart! That is when I do my best. Have a lovely Sunday. We are having dinner at my mom’s. Our microwave stopped working, and I use mine for everything. It was after that power outage. We have a microwave at our new place. So 6 days microwaveless lol 😂. I can do this! I hope!


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