Recovery, a daily one day at time walk to remain sober is in order

I am a recovering alcoholic, I will always be an alcoholic. I have God, and a recovery program that helps me “one day at time” live life on lives terms.

I could not have imagined even an hour without a drink, let alone a few. 24 hours seemed nearly impossible. Here I sit with 7 years, and 2 plus months of continual sobriety.

I lived to drink, and drank to live. Anything not to feel. My whole life became a lie. I was deceptive, a thief, and my heart was calloused.

I woke up putting alcohol in my coffee (oh the thought how gross), and I thought I had everyone fooled. With breath that reeked, and words slurred. I was so far from the God I once adored. The shame I felt, was killing me. My life was held on by a thread. A thread, that at any moment was about to snap. I was in a place of complete incomprehensible demoralization. I was spiritually sick, and made myself insane. Every drink made me a little further from who I once was. How could I stop?

It came down to a very broken moment, a prayer that God would take this drink problem away from me. I was made very ill, which was not usually the case. I had the shakes uncontrollably, and the years of shame showered over me. I prayed for God to relieve of the bondage of self. I was on the run so very long. I was weary, my heart so tired.

That began what is now 7 plus years of sobriety. I have a daily reprieve with my loving God, and a program that too holds me accountable. It reaches in to the depth, and is the solution. Alcohol is, but a symptom. So I these two go hand in hand.

I can’t have sobriety without God, and without sobriety there is no God. So I have to keep my spiritual house clean. The cobweb is gone, but the spider is still there. There is nothing a drink will not make worse. I attend meetings regularly, and yes it is a program based off of anonymity. I chose to share my story. That is my choice.

All by the grace of God, and one day at time I get to be sober. God has to be my priority. God has to be my number 1, and I feel my program is a gift from God. I can’t ever forget where I came from, and humble is my feat. For there in an instant there goes I…

Step Twelve
“Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice these principles in all our affairs

All by the grace of God
One day at a time
Recovery is possible!

I am a miracle, I get to be part of a world of people of miracles just like me!

Sober is me just for today!

12 thoughts on “Recovery, a daily one day at time walk to remain sober is in order

  1. When I watch t.v. programmes about the harm alcohol causes and see people dying from alcohol related diseases, I feel so thankful that, like you Lisa, I asked God to deliver me from it.

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  2. Praise God for His faithfulness Lisa.
    I have a nephew who is an alcoholic . His marriage has been totally destroyed due to his abusive behaviour . He is not a Christian . I pray for his salvation.
    Thank you Lisa for sharing your story z🙏💜🌷

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    1. There was a lot of wreckage from my alcoholism, and my ex-husband is an alcoholic as well. So we burned a lot of bridges, and really messed with our children’s life’s. Praise God that gifts back the years the locusts ate away. We freely gave away our marriage of 21 years, and our hearts were mangled in the process. All 4 of us. So God is faithful! I praise I God for my bottom, and I pray my ex finds what I have found. It is so freeing to not have to live in guilt and shame every second of my days. I am free, and God redeemed me! Blessings, life can be to truly beautiful when we surrender our will to His! 💜

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      1. So true Lisa . When Jesus sets us free we are free indeed. Praise His holy Name .
        So glad you were delivered and now you live to give our God the glory

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  3. I’m going on 2.5 years of sobriety! Alcohol is such a trap. It was a decade long struggle for me. Desperate to stop drinking but powerless to do so. I LOVE being sober.
    I’m so HAPPY and EXCITED for us!

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    1. Me too, and I didn’t find it until later in my life. I am 46, stopped at 39. I had a good 8 years of heavy drinking under my belt. With it being progressive, in the end I was a daily all day as soon as my buzz wore off drink again drinker. I was so unhappy, and know one wanted to be around me. Not even myself. Sobriety is life, peace, and hope! I love the life sobriety gifts. Blessings on your beautiful journey! I am so happy for us as well! That is awesome to hear. Thank you for sharing that with me! Wohoo 🥳 Blessings Lisa

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