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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #88: I’m just a door man at an old ratty motel

I’m just a door man at an old ratty hotel in an impoverished part of Chicago. Whoever thought to give me the job of delivering this box must be crazy.

I sit here with this cumbersome cardboard box on my lap, yes it will pay more than my day at the Old Renaissance Motel, yet I wonder if it’s really worth it. What might be in it? It isn’t all that heavy. I just keep thinking I didn’t ask enough questions. I feel as if I am a criminal doing something wrong. All this hopping from subway to subway to. What is an old man to do?

This is my second of 4 subways to get to my drop off point. I have these strict instructions, and I am not to deviate from them at all. I feel as if I am part of the Mafia my God all be damned if I end up in cuffs.

I can’t but wonder what is in the box. I don’t want to shake it, as then to maybe break it. I am feeling leery of what I might have gotten myself into. My stomach is suffering with anxieties pangs. Most likely gonna end up with an ulcer at my ripe age doing these kind of things. I am also growing hungry with each transfer I make.

Finally the stop, and I was in an even sketchier part of town then where I work. This was a place they say if you don’t need to go there, don’t go! I had no idea this was the final stop until I saw the sign. This just can’t be good.

I patiently waited to exit with the awkward box in hand, and began my walk. I was to go straight per my instructions. I walk passed people passed out on the street, stepping over feet. The box was hindering my view. The last tall green garbage-can which was tagged with hot pink it said. Okay that should be easy enough.

There it was, and I was on time. So looking far as my ancient eyes could see, I see a small boy holding what looks like a ladies hand. Figuring it is his mother, I proceed to walk on. Out of breath I reach the place written on the paper. I set the box down.

The boy dressed in just a long t-shirt with no pants, and no shoes gave me the brightest toothless smile. “Wow sir” he said. It had to be maybe 40 degrees if that. The lady had tears in her eyes. She struggled to speak. The boy ripped open the box. Throwing to the ground a coat, shirt, jeans, socks, boxer shorts, and the coolest tennis shoes this ol’ man had ever seen. “Oh boy this is awesome,” he said! Standing up he reached his arms around my waist looking up at my face. He squeezed me so tight. He then proceeded to let go, and place all his new clothes back in the box.

They proceeded to walk off with him in push of that box down the street with his bare feet. That was it, all in days work. I just had the most rewarding experience I had in my lifetime. Worth every penny was that toothless grin. Even though his mother never spoke, I saw the tears well in her eyes. I saw her weary head lower in sower for what she could not provide. My high lifted spirit led me back to Subway Route #331. My heart was undone in the wealth I felt from that little boy filled with joy! He was set with winters best, in that box he pushed down the road.


Don’t give up before the miracle happens! Smile lots, forgive quickly, and never take life for granted!

2 thoughts on “Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #88: I’m just a door man at an old ratty motel

    1. I just wrote I had absolutely no idea when I began what was going to come out, and that is what did. I am happy you read it, and found it heartwarming. I did as well when I was through. I took that little bit of joy of fiction with me into my own day. It was much needed too!
      Have a great week 🤙😊

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