Photo Challenge #337, Checkmate


Her life had always been stuffy. She had to be so prim, and proper. Her parents put her in “princess etiquette classes” at such a young a age. Her whole life had been staged

She felt free, alive, and like the whole world was at her disposal when she was with him. He had a wild spirit, and it was contagious. He was mysterious, and she was so infatuated with him

Although from all outward appearances they looked one in the same. He was like the game she was never allowed to play. She felt like a rebel, and her restless spirit was unleashed

As they stood there in the art museum neither were amused. His hand gripping tight her butt cheek, they weren’t even in admire of the art. They were speaking in a language she had never flirted with in her entire life

He was saying words she could have never have imagined thinking, let alone repeating. Yet there she stood saying even more, trying to even the score. The game was so fun to her, she asked if wanted to leave in rescue of how her body felt. Unquenchable infatuation it was a game of lust not love. Checkmate he won her over to the lurid lifestyle of rebellion

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