Adrift no more, anchored at the cross she gets life abundant

Adrift she is not, for He touched that one very sweet spot. She grabbed for it as it was her last life. Sweet as a honey bee, and its nectar

He gave her a hand up from under the cloud covered all consuming of “I”. “Woe is me”, no more

Down the river she will never float again in fear of pulsating rapid’s, she does not live like she is immortal. Reckless abandon no more

She is anchored in the cross for there her sobriety wins, “one day at a time” a daily reprieve it must be

Adrift no more He took her very broken wings, and allowed them to soar singing with release fly

She is no longer choking upon her breath, He breathed a new life of breath in her. Death only at His hour, all power to Him

She is no longer in wander with lack of directional purpose, she is in the pursuit of God’s compass 

She has hope for her youth has been restored when He scooped her up from her own drown in her own self pity

Iniquity is not swallowed away with a gulp. An angry middle finger does not exist in protest. In his His throne room she lingers, she sits with hope. At His right hand there she can be found safe and of sound mind, sanity reigns. Insanity tossed at the foot of the cross

Adrift that is no longer a part of her life unless it is for recreational sport, for God took a spear in pierce of her heart

Adrift no more, He has wiped her slate clean of her fixaction. Tied down, anchored, clinging …”Stable” now that is not a word she thought would again be in her vocabulary

For God is her lifeline divine, and stability she found, adrift what is that? …she has been found! Abject to her own misery no more

2 Corinthians 5:17


6 thoughts on “Adrift no more, anchored at the cross she gets life abundant

  1. All of this poem is beautiful, Lisa, but I especially like this line: “He took her very broken wings and allowed them to soar . . . ”

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    1. Thank you! I have always said Jesus took my very broken wings, and gave me flight. Most of those posts are non-fiction. The the she is me! God is so gracious! Thank you so much for reading ❣️, and always commenting with such kind words! Blessings 🥰

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      1. You’re welcome, Lisa. I just say what I feel.
        Two coincidences – my maternal grandmother’s maiden name was Dove and my paternal grandmother’s name was Stork.
        The other is that I used to have exactly the same initials as you – L. M. Boyd. I’m Lesley Margaret. Sadly, my first husband died so my surname is no longer Boyd. My initials are now L. M. D. 😀

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      2. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your first husband. Dove, and Stork are amazing names. My initials all my life were L.M.O. I was born Lisa Marie O’Day, married into Ortize (21 years). Now I am Boyd, and love it because it is just as Irish as O’Day. Nothing wrong with Margaret. My middle name is what almost every Lisa’s is Marie lol. In the 70’s Lisa was very common name. You don’t hear it given to too many new borns these days. It’s old school now 😂


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