Time with my mom

I was able to spend my day with my beloved mom. She was giving of her time to take me to see my surgeon today.

My expander had shifted more causing even greater pain, so this appointment was in hopes of him being able to once again try to manipulate it back into its place.

I was literally in the surgeons office for maybe 10 minutes. It had shifted to where he just turned it left, and bam it was right back to where it belonged. I was in awe. He was so excited he not only high fived me, he hugged me. He knows what a long road this breast cancer journey has been. His face was all lit up.

He wanted me to get my bra on immediately to keep the expander in its place. When he saw my bra, he was not happy. He said it was not supportive enough. His direct orders were to go to lululemon, and buy a very high end sport bra. $213.00 dollars high end.
lululemon makes technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and most other sweaty pursuits. One bra for my needs was $108.00. I have many girlfriends who shop their. It was quite the treat.

Quite the treat is having my breast expander back in place, and I am praying until my surgery it stays there. My mom, and had a very enjoyable day together today. She even treated herself at lululemon.

So here is too beloved family that is willing to help when we need it. My husband got to work all day, because my mom sacrificed her time. Family is such a gift! God is great, and he knows exactly what we need when we need it!

“Honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matthew 19:19

My mommy and me! Cheese 📸



15 thoughts on “Time with my mom

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read, and as well comment. It was a good day today. With the pain I have had I haven’t been able to say that. I am always grateful, just was in so much pain. God bless, Lisa

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  1. You people are so beautiful. 😊😊
    You are such a brave woman with all you have lived through. The joy of the Lord is your strength. 💪🏿💪🏿
    A family that sticks with one is the greatest force on the planet. It is encouraging to see that you have such family.
    God bless you all. Have a blessed day. 💐🌹

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    1. Awe thank you so much! My mom & I have been through much together in this life. She has seen me at my worst, and my best. As well I too have seen her in those same dispositions. It is a blessing when family share the same common bond in the Lord! We get to cherish days like yesterday. I am so blessed God chose her to be my mom. She has a huge heart for people. She works the largest hospital in our city, is the first contact for anyone that come through the doors.

      Thank you for such kind words. It is a small family, but it my family nonetheless. Blessings, Lisa

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    1. Awe tooo sweet, I wasn’t in pain anymore as soon as the doctor got it back into place. It was such a huge relief. My mom, and I were able to enjoy sometime together. I go into quarantine this next Wednesday. We will doing small Christmas on Saturday and Sunday. We will not be eating with family. That is against my surgeons orders. Thank you, my mom is a great lady. She would do anything for me ❣️. God is great! Have a blessed weekend, Lisa 🎄🥸

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      1. We’re having a mini-Christmas next week too, Lisa, as our daughter is coming to stay for a few days (she’s in our social bubble). She wants to come over when there won’t be as many people travelling. You have a great and blessed weekend too! xx

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  2. God is always in control.may He bless you and your mom. Mine is gone to Heaven 1o years almost and I still think about her. The good memories as but God’s Grace they don’t bother me any longer.
    Keep her tight to your heart ❤️

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    1. Always, Amen! I cherish all my loved ones my dad has been gone for 36 years. I don’t take a single day for granted with anyone in my life. We have had a lot of loss with family, and friends just in this last year. Blessings for your memories to carry you daily! Precious are the memories we cherish! Blessings Lisa

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