This Too Shall Pass

My son and his girlfriend were on a walk yesterday in Seattle. Their downtown was quiet. My city of Spokane has many Trump supporters, and it was not so quiet.

It was not in state such as our nations capital. He was reassuring me that it was safe there. Then he came across one of my all time favorite sayings, “this too shall pass”. He knew at that moment with all my eyes, and heart had seen I needed this sent to me.

So for all of you who may be wiping your eyes in disbelief, and having a hard time holding onto hope…my hope is not in our government or president whom ever it be. It is in Jesus my King. For He has ALL authority.

So this is for all of us, because it is absolute truth. This is God’s country, and He will purpose yesterday for His good. He is moving in His land, He trying to wake up His people! Instead being angry, or with no hope…pray! Pray for our nation!

Look up, and look into the word of God which is mesmerizing of the heart. If you take hold of the truth, and live by it it changes the lens you see all of this through. You will see how God is in control. Even when things seem so misconstrued. I wake, and say “thy will be done not mine today”.

In short I am saying people here will always fail us, and none will meet our every expectation. There is one power, and that one is God. He is all encompassing with love, and unconditional at that. He trying to get all of His people to fall to their knees. Plead to Jesus we need you. Indeed our country needs God! Our people need God, and hope needs to be restored in something eternal not temporal.

“This too shall pass”! Hang on, and persevere. Keep on keeping on! Look up, and keep praying for your heart. You can’t imagine how beautiful a life can be when you give your heart to the one who created you.


19 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. Matthew 28 is one of the Scriptures I will be preaching from on Sunday Lisa. We have a job to do and not much time left to do it in unless I am missing my guess. We must not be distracted by current events. We must do what we were recreated to do. Spread the word of Christ! Thank yuou for sharing this hope!

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    1. Thank you for reading! The song that keeps running through my head is soon, as very soon we are going to see the King.

      A childhood Sunday school song, we may still have awhile. God wants His people to wake up, and look up! I think He is giving us a little time to go out and be modern day disciples. We need a revival in our land, God bless you and keep you! ❣️

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      1. Yes Lisa! Peter tells us that judgment begins with the house of the Lord. I believe that the circumstances in the world right now are to help the church get right so we don’t get left. Our love for the world has to be stripped away and that has ever been done only through hardship. Oh the King is coming! Yes the King is coming! Praise God He’s coming for me!!!

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    1. Yes indeed! I was sleep deprived when I wrote this. Grateful it made any sense at all. I am so sleep deprived since my surgery. I am praying for one goodnight of solid sleep. So I am grateful people saw through my sleep deprivation. God is love, and He will prevail.


      1. I’m praying for you to have a good night of solid sleep. May the angels comfort you and bring you peace. God is love. He will prevail.

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    1. I was lacking sleep I asked all my prayer warrior friends to pray with me for sleep. I got the most sleep I have got since my surgery. God showed, and showed off! He always prevails!

      Thank you for asking! I hope this finds you well. God bless your weekend! 🙏🏻💪❣️

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    1. Blessings, I just have to keep looking up! Keeping my eyes on the prize! There is no greater love than that of my Heavenly Father! God bless you, I am glad you read my post. I was so tired when I wrote it. I have been struggling with sleep since my surgery. I reached to my prayer warrior friends. Last night was the best I have slept, and the most. I was in sleep deprivation mode.

      Have a great weekend! ❤️💪🙏🏻😊


      1. Hi Lisa,
        I’m glad you got some good sleep last night. I hope your wounds from the surgery are healing and that you’re not in too much discomfort, and that you are getting help with any pain you might be having. Let’s hope that the further on in your healing your sleep returns to normal.
        One of Charlotte Bronte’s quotes was “I try to avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” I love that.
        I think you did extremely well to say that you wrote this post while being sleep deprived!
        God bless you too! xx

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