It was as if no time had passed, I longed for my Brie…finally here in the flesh. I passed the test of time..

I longed, and prayed for the day to see you again. Many years had passed, it was finally coming to an end. I would soon see you again

I longed, and prayed for the day to feel you in my arms so tight. It had to be just right

I longed for healing for both you, and I. For the past to be put to rest. God I knew knows best

I longed to know what your favorite color was. Music too. All the things that you were now into

I longed for the day I would see you again. Something promised to me if I just kept going. My skin with goosebumps, as the plans were be made. Hanging up the phone singing praise in Jesus’s name

I longed for the day a mother, and daughter would be reunited. Laughter, and overwhelming joy would be the way. No tears they had already rotted away your youth. Truth

The time came, and it was miraculous. All the promises that God had said were kept, and seeds of healing spread

The time came, we laughed. We sat side by side. It felt there had never been a lapse in time. Oh the selfies, the great faces too. I made sure after all of our time playing catch up, you knew you always had a family here. You could call on us day or night. No drunken stupor that would avoid the ring. We were here, and would be through it all. Just call

I longed for the time I could share this heart felt story. I waited patiently almost 7 years to see my beautiful first born Brie Faith. At times it killed me inside, but God always spoke through. “Keep going Lisa, this time too shall pass”. “You will see her again

This is a testament of a lady, this lady being me. I was once so spiritually sick. Lost in a bottle, I thought it was my fix. Just get licked. With that intoxication came a coma induced state, and years were up for the take. Then the time came where I had done so much damage, her heart could not bare to talk to me. She went from a teenager to a brilliant beautiful young woman. Me just patiently waiting, waiting, and waiting

This is testament of healing, and growth. That God does indeed give back the years I allowed the locusts to eat away. All because I rose above the bottle, full throttle. Worked on my daily reprieve on bended knee, keeping that bottle at bay. Working, and living in the solution of a new way of life. Without all chaos, and strife

This is a testament that with God all things are possible. I had to realize I powerless, and my life was so unmanageable. Alcohol was not my friend. Turn my will over to Him, and know that if not it would be my end. God has helped me see with so much clarity. This solution offers me serenity. As well the story of relationships renewed. Experience, strength, and hope! My life is so worth every moment spent living in the now. I longed to see her, and see her I did. Promised by God, I saw my kid

Mom & daughter selfie be still oh my heart 24 now 17 was last time I had seen her ❤️
My family was one for a few days, and she finally met her step-dad. Love at first sight. Only God could do such a beautiful thing such as this. 3 generations together again. God is indeed good!
There were tears, but not of pain. Tears of joy and reconciliation. Healing!
Brand new to him, and him to her! All this in 5 days! God gets all the praise

And now we make plans for the next time, and it couldn’t be soon enough. Man Brie you’re so tough, courageous, and absolutely radiant inside and out. Perseverance as my friend I got through this until what was the end, and finally saw you again. Amen

“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten– the great locust and the young locust, the other locusts and the locust swarm — my great army that I sent among you. ~Joel 2:25

6 thoughts on “It was as if no time had passed, I longed for my Brie…finally here in the flesh. I passed the test of time..

    • His timing is always perfect, and I waited just for that. It was such a divine appointment. It was a beautiful 5 days, and could not have been any better. 6 1/2 years of prayer daily for this time to come to pass in His time. He knows best!


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