I break bread today, not wine

Let me tell ya why I am bodacious today. A beautiful display of God’s love here in my story, glory be His name!

I have this ashes to beauty story that began very early on in my childhood(always wanting to be numb), and this finally came to a halt 7 1/2 years ago now.

I am bodacious about my God. Without Him I could not have admitted how powerless over alcohol I am. I could not have realized life is so much more simple when I turn it all over to Him, and let Him run the show. Let go, let God. Really that simple.

I am bodacious about my recovery. Which really the two go hand in hand. Without God I don’t have recovery, and without recovery the last thing I am in yearn for is God.

So I am a proud recovering alcoholic, who works a program of recovery with God daily in my life. I wake up, and turn it all over to God every single day. For if one day goes by I don’t do this, I might as well know it is not going to be a very peace filled day. I am simply bodacious for I am free today. That grave that was marked, and etched with my name no longer pulls me near. I am armed with the proper gear today to keep me from my own hands being my demise. One day at a time.

I don’t listen to the lies that bottle tells, all tall tales. It is 100% fail proof. Insanity, and incomprehensible demoralization with each guzzle. Muzzled! That bottle is full of decay to fill each soul full. The ones who can’t just drink one, that bottle wishes to kill that’s me. We just can’t get our fill. If spiritually ill, I have no defense. I am not exempt, I have to remain spiritually fit. Tip top shape, with my God day after day I must stay. Bodacious for my story is beast to beauty.

I break bread today, not wine. For today the bread of life keeps me whole. I will stand at the highest mountain top with the most bodacious love story that Jesus has for me. Echoing for all to hear, Jesus took a wretch like me. He brought me to my knees, and restored me back to sanity.

Ashes to beauty is my story! For my God gets all the glory! I am just a willing body, and I know what I must do to remain bodacious about my God who gifted me recovery!

And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me. Luke 22:19


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