Can you see the beauty in God’s new creation

Blossoming kindness in the midst of seeking His face

Blossoming grace as I look upon my life, and see His imprint gently placed

They say you stop growing, but I indeed am shooting up. Blossoming into the woman God has called me to be. Just doing the next right thing

Far from perfect I stand, knowing my defects glare back at me. Shaking them off, and Blossoming just as I am

Blossoming in sweet serenity that carries me minute to minute through each day, yes in God I must remain

Blossoming you may see some wilting, and waning in color. Yet I am still growing, and knowing I need watered. For deep in the soil my roots are planted. Praying you see past the little bit of wrinkling, and pale colors. I pray you see the beauty in the flower of the blossoming shoot I am today

Blossoming just for today!

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