Decorate me with thee

Decorate me with thee

I wake, and I daily turn my will and my life over to the care of God. Asking in turn His will be done. I ask Him to decorate my heart with the spiritual gift of willingness. A spoonful of willingness to begin my day

I continue throughout my day I am gifted a beautiful daily reprieve where I get to stop at anytime. If I am feeling irritable, or discontent I can pray. God’s address is NOW, wow! I ask Him to decorate my heart with peace and serenity. A spoonful of peace to sweeten up what was a little salty in my head. For certainly I don’t really wish to go back to bed

I take pride in decorating my home, so should I not do the same in the decorations that adorn my heart. Paying attention to every detail in the art. Getting rid of a fractured frame, straightening a crooked picture. Just as the walls in my home are not bare, I am equally aware of the walls of my heart

Lord I ask that you continually decorate my heart with only the art work of your hands. For there is no greater master artist then that of you. Decorate my heart with the boldest of pieces. Where when everyone sees my smile, and my eyes they only see you. For your artist hands give me the gifts my heart so desperately needs daily. Mold me, and make me. Decorate me as it pleases you not me

Decorate me with thee

Colossians 3:1 “Set your hearts on things above”.

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