We reflect🎀

We reflect; 🎀 beginning 2022 reflecting on all God did for us in 2020, and 2021!
This past 2 years has brought me down a very long journey, one I could not have endured if not for the grace of God. As well the gift of my husband, my best friend, and side kick. Both have been my saving grace through 4 surgeries. Today though after both breasts were removed I am breast cancer free. No radiation or chemotherapy. Just new breasts with no feeling, and no sensation in my breasts or Latissimus Dorsi Muscles. A lot of acceptance comes with all of this. My body is tired, and at times my soul has been.

What amazes me most is the miracles of family, and friendships that will always be dear. I got to see my beautiful Brie Ortize (cheese) after 6 years, how great a God we serve! I had many wonderful memories in the midst of my very personal storm. Thank you to all of you, and you know who you are!

One day at a time I am healing. My last surgery was a little over 8 weeks ago, and I am ready to put all of this behind us. God has been more than gracious, and my husband has been such a beautiful support. So tomorrow as it is a new day, and as well New Year I am grateful for the gift of the breath of life. This beautiful life has been granted to me, and I am trying to embrace this once again “new me”. Acceptance is key, and trusting God in the process. Blessings to you all, Happy New Year!

Right after my double mastectomy, 8 drain tubes!
My daughter came! All glory to God!
My heart, my son!
My lovely mom, who has always been there for me without fail
My step daughter her awesome husband, and our perfect grandson Huddy!
The twins and our famous Euro basketball player soon to be son-in law
Friends for 25 plus years
Our best friends! Love our life
Christmas 2021, Huddy and us! The best!


11 thoughts on “We reflect🎀

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read, it has been a long couple of years. I still can say I am sane, and not afraid. I trust God in all things! He knows my life, and had purpose for me. Even when it rains for days! I always can see my rainbow 🌈
      Blessings, Happy New Year to you and yours 🥰

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