One-Liner Wednesday-I am that butterfly

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world the master calls a butterfly” ~Richard Bach


12 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday-I am that butterfly

      1. 💚❤🤍 How is it your way my friend? Currently the ice and sleet are still falling–after a record setting Monday at over 70 degrees. Missouri really doesn’t like Wednesdays and Thursdays! Please stay safe and healthy! 💚

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      2. We had an absolutely gorgeous week last week. We were in the 50’s. It is bitter cold this week. Hitting lows of 7, with a bitter wind with it. I didn’t think Spring had sprung, but something to be said for warmth and sunshine. Spokane is odd, we have to be ready for anything it seems 😀❄️🥰

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    1. When you let go and let God you just know it’s all going to be alright. Even when you can’t quite see it yet. I had no idea what my life would be today. I didn’t even know my favorite color after my divorce. I “allowed” someone else to define every part of my being. I am enjoying who me that know me, and whom God created. Oh, and my favorite color is purple! Enjoy your weekend JoAnnna 🥰❤️

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      1. So true! When I remember what God has brought me through and the wonderful surprises that were part of God’s plan, I am brave. Purple is a great color!

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