Bridges of life…two prompts in one

I can’t be forgetful of where I came from, always mindful my will must be aligned with God’s in the bridges of this life. Bridges will always be part of life. It is my choice with which whom I walk them, and I choose to walk with God hand in hand

Two bridges in the same State Park. One is a man made structure with beams, and construction materials for support. The other is made from the land we hiked. With limbs from trees, and branches. Both unique in their beauty. Like that of the bridges of life. Some are made by others structurally sound for the crossing. Some are a walk of faith. Each step creeks with forward movement. Yet we need at times to cross them both. The beauty in that of the bridges of life. Never be to quick to burn a bridge, for the rebuilding may not come to pass. Hike the bridge, like you hike through life. One step at a time, one foot in front of the other. In stride…maybe with a friend by your side. Mine is God He walks all the bridges of life with me, hand in hand

Photo Credit me; Riverside State Park. Spokane Wa. Hiking the massive terrain. One on a beautiful summer day when the trails are endless with hikers detours left and right. The other on a brisk winter day. The bridge of branches covered with frozen snow. Both beautiful in their own right. Both walked over, and we made it safe to the other side..

This is also part of of Cee’s


2 thoughts on “Bridges of life…two prompts in one

    1. Thank you Cee. I sent you an email through WordPress, I am running out of storage since I have turned to uploading photography. I am doing the free version of WordPress, is the only way to successfully do this is to buy the upgraded version? I am asking you because you have been on here for so long, and also have so much to do with photography. I am had to not post because nothing would upload. I was feeling pretty down. Do you have any suggestions? I appreciate your feedback on post today! Yes I combined two, I only want to keep this up and running. So that is why I reached out to you. 🤔🙂


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