CBWC: Tender Moments—Here today, gone tomorrow

This is our Mother’s Day until what was 4 days ago. All so fast, and it almost seems unreal. I feel as if I am in a daze. Jesus I know not your ways. Rejoicing she is free of her pain. Grieving for what was, and celebrating her beautiful life all at the same time. Goodbyes are so hard to say! Until that day we meet Jesus face to face.

I haven’t been on for a bit because 3 days ago we lost my husband’s beautiful mom. Patricia Anne, she had dementia. She had taken a fall, and broke her wrist. Then the devastating news she was found on the floor with a severely broken hip. Here today, and gone tomorrow. It took her so fast. We rejoice for she is now free of her pain, and in the arms of Jesus. I will tell you though this loss has been so difficult. It is the finality of my husband’s earthy God given parents. We were there with family until she took her very last breath.

We were there when she met her maker face to face, and her body/mind so broken left her. Her soul was taken, and her earthy body left behind. She had been set free of her body that decayed, and withered away so fast. Singing praise Jesus at last with that one last gasp. Chest stopped as we sank into tears. On May 18 at 8:23 a.m she was met with maker. Free!

It was an agonizing night of her moaning in pain, and morphine on the hour. Lord hear our cries, take her was often spoke in whispers under our weary breath.

So now she is gone, and we have not had a second to stop and grieve. I just started a new job. We are moving, we have to have all of her things out of her assisted living by the end of the month. We had a death, a funeral, and last night our two very best friends married one another. What a whirlwind of emotions. So I found this prompt tender moments a perfect time to share my absence with you all. God has us, and we are trying so hard to just breathe as we are so very tired. We feel the grief come in waves. I know this too shall pass. Hold tight your loved ones, because one day that last I love you will ring so loudly in your head.

I saw this flower laying in the rocks as my mother-in-law was passing, and it perfectly represented her. She laid there body broken, mind gone. As the pedals are scattered on the rocks. That flower will soon blow away with the wind, just as my beautiful mother-in-law opened her eyes one last time in her dementia state of mind taking us all in one last time. Here today, and gone tomorrow. She is free!



11 thoughts on “CBWC: Tender Moments—Here today, gone tomorrow

    1. Thank you, we are trying life is just kind of hitting hard right now. Thank you for kind words. This why I have not been posting daily. I will be trying again soon. Got some things to get passed first 🙏🏻


  1. Oh, what a sweet post, Lisa. I am so sorry for your loss, happy for her gain. My mother -in-law passed in 2020 from Alzheimer’s. What a blessing to know we will see them again. But that doesn’t stop our hearts from hurting. 🙏😢💔

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    1. It has been pretty rough although we celebrated her gain, the reality my husband’s parents are both gone has hit hard. It was her time to go though! Thank you for such kind words, sorry for loss as well. ❣️

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  2. What a moving piece, dear Lisa. It truly has been difficult for you guys and I’m sending you love and empathy ❤️
    We do need to appreciate all the amazing people in our lives, for time is a God given gift which can’t be taken for granted!
    Thank you for sharing. Hang in there 🙏

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    1. Thank you it has been some of the longest weeks we have had in a long time. We are working, moving, and have to have my mother-in-law out of her assisted living this weekend. Or her things rather. Honestly I don’t know if we have had time to stop and grieve. I appreciate the kind words always..

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