So this popped up the other day…

Two years already, and I couldn’t be more blessed. As of recent trying to balance going back to work, and finding time to blog has been very difficult. I am happy to be finally starting to come back around again.

I love it here, and I thank all of you for your support from my openness about my love for the Lord, sobriety, and breast cancer. I feel alive on here, and 2 years has been such an uplifting journey for me!

Thank you to all of you, and from me to you I sincerely appreciate you all!

Lisa M. Boyd because “weirds are word”!

Thank you all for 2 years of continuous support on my blog. From the song…(change of words) by Billy Currington “God is great, beer is my personal poison
And people are crazy”! 🫶🏻🤣

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