One-Liner Wednesday –God the ultimate surgeon

“Prayer is the best medicine, and God is the best doctor”.

Friday at 12:00 o’clock I will be the patient that is represented in the picture above. I will be undergoing my 5th surgery is 2 years on my breasts. I know God will stand right at my side. I absolutely love the picture above, it is beautiful! It is a perfect representation of all I need to carry me!

I saw my surgeon yesterday, and what was supposed to be done October 28th was asked of me for this Friday. Honestly I could hardly breathe as tears streamed down my face when I got the phone call while shopping. All I could do was say let me call my husband. This is just so soon. I knew we both knew it was what needed to be done. So here we go again! As faith will carry us, and God as our guide. We are tired, I am more than tired. So if you pray, please join us! I am God’s, and although I am far from understanding all of this trauma to my body, I have to remain in good spiritual health. Blessings all…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Breast Cancer Warrior 🎀

9 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday –God the ultimate surgeon

    1. Thank you! I’m scared, and hate every aspect of this to be honest. I know I have to do this. I just really am so done with it all. I know God has a plan I just wish I knew what it was. Thank you again! ❣️🎀


  1. Abba, You are the ultimate surgeon, and we are your child. We rest our faith, on Your heart, to let Your love, hold us close. We may not understand, all the trauma, all the things we have to face. But through it all, you’re there, in the midst of it all. I pray for, Lisa. May your peace, overwhelm her faith. May your grace, brings her through the surgery, Amazingly! Hover over her heart, be her strength! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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