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Drip, and drizzle from within

I sit under low lamp light with quill resting in my hand just right, simply a beautiful sight
Dip, the tip dripping with emotions in the most elegant calligraphy

The feather flirts with the paper in tickles as it writes

Dip the pen into the ink pot, as my thoughts are escaping from within, fleeing to papers spot

The quill makes the heart quiver, as the writer in me comes to life at its sight. Drizzling words the final draft

Leaking my soul for all to uphold the feather take flight upon the paper that is my heart. Art!

Dribbling to no end, hand cramps. Just one more trickle, and its final splash. Declaring “The End”

Feather light put back in it spot, as the lamp is turned off. Writer’s delight to have waltzed delicately in cursive perfectly 

Until we me again, me and that gorgeous feather quill pen. Corybantic to no end, I could pick it up with never ending fervor

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Trains go by

My husband, and I are getting ready for a move. It came to me that this will be our first place that we will not be able to hear the train chug by

We will no longer feel the vibration of the pillow beneath our head just as we fall asleep from the whisk of the train bustling fast on the track

We will no longer wake from a startled state just to realize oh it’s the train passing by, oh my *sigh*

We will no longer be able to sit out on our deck, and count the number of cars. It is quite fun, all the different color cars one by one. Our eyes starring hard not to lose track of a single car. Laughing at how different our numbers usually are

We will no longer be able to hear the iron on iron of the great Burlington Northern in our corner, or see their lights as the track divides guiding them on their way. The engineer happy behind his route

You would think in all honesty we would find this to be like a peace treaty. No more trains at our new place. We will no longer be able to hear what is a major part of what makes this part of our blue collar town thrive. The realization is we will miss the sounds of the trains whisking by

We can’t place a dollar amount on the sentiment of the caboose as it trails as last, but always best. We can’t purchase the cherished sound of the horn as the train shouts out to all other trains I’m getting ready to leave. Stampede

So as I write this I am actually kind of sad I will no longer hear the trains, the vibrations under my feet as my whole floor shakes

Our meetings with the train now will be of that of everyone else in a hurry, as the railroad signs fall. All the cars in line waiting for the caboose so we can be on our merry way. Usually though by that point everyone seems aggravated. Me though I have a deeper appreciation for our trains, and what they do for our city

Trains go by, but no longer will they be part of our every day hearing, kind of endearing

It seems we grow more fond of something that at times seems annoying or a grievance once we no longer have it

You never realise the value of something until it’s gone, hence why you should always appreciate the little things in life.

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Getting a little real

Real talk; 🙏🏻
I need to get real here, having a double mastectomy has been much harder emotionally than I ever anticipated. I know validation of being a woman does not come from that of vanity. I just know I did not take the time to grieve what I have lost. My emotional well-being has suffered as of recent. I am trying to live in the now, and am doing my best to practice acceptance. I can’t change what was, or that I know longer have these body parts. I also need to find my validation in God!

I have been very emotionally upset, which means I need to work on a few things personally. Asking for prayer from my dear family/friends. I have one more surgery November 9th. If I had it my way I would not go, but it is not my way. Please in all of this know I know how blessed I am to be cancer free, I just feel at odds with my new body. I was never a fake me makes me type of girl, and here I am getting my tissue expanders taken out for implants. I just wasn’t okay with nothing at all at the age of 46. Just asking for prayer for acceptance, and for my upcoming surgery to go without complication. God bless you all, I needed to get this off my chest (play on words)…🙏🏻💜

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way.
2 Thessalonians 3:16
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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 26, if only with the twinkle of my nose 😉🙏🏻

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “container.”

Getting ready to move! Disclaimer I don’t believe in magic, but if I did I wish for all of my belongings to be a twinkle of my nose into a container. How nice would that be. We just helped my son move, and I over did it. I took a week to get back to feeling a little better. Now it is time to get our house all packed! With a twitch of my nose, no! With the support of my family/friends, and God as my strength we will make this move yet! He always carries us through, so here we go readying for our move

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11