CMMC – Week 5 of March Spring or Autumn Season—seasons change, and so does life grab with all you have. It’s a gift

The Arboretum starts adopting its new colors
March brings another St. Paddy’s day Birthday with this beauty
Because Brad is my pot of gold, made especially for me because of all my food allergies
She may have dementia, but we love to take advantage of every day she has been gifted another breath of life, almost 87!

Wonderment in that of the innocence of a child’s eyes

Free Write using

Wonderment for the man or woman who lost a child, and still can give all their glory to God. The mystery of God’s will

Wonderment for the man or woman who suffers from a debilitating disorder. Still waking with a smile and is present for their life, and other’s everyday

Wonderment for the single parent struggling to make ends meat, finding a way to provide the best life for their children because they are of service to their child over themselves

Wonderment for the family who has a suffering addict, and or alcoholic. Who wreaks chaos, and havoc daily on their lives. They still love, pray, and open their door to their loved one so lost. Yet they set boundaries so they are not drafted into their misery

Wonderment for the strength we show as humans when we stand up to face our lives. As many times that we fell, they doubled that in getting back up. The courage to face, and own their lives is proof people can change. Their perseverance even we don’t realize we have until it rears it head

Wonderment for my heavenly Fathers love me, and the life He has gifted me. Materially yes, but spiritually is incomprehensible my Fathers love for me. Giving me a life beyond my wildest dreams

Wonderment in so many things this life brings, a child’s eyes is all we need to see to spark the wonderment within you and me

New shoes, it’s that easy! Happiness oozes

And amazement seized them all, and they glorified God and were filled with awe, saying, “We have seen extraordinary things today.” ~Luke 5:26

CBWC: Photos and Quotes

“My heart is like starfish. Break into pieces, it will grow again.” ~Anurag R. Jaiswar
“Those with dementia are still people and they still have stories and they still have character and they’re all individuals and they’re all unique. And they just need to be interacted with on a human level”. ~Carry Mulligan
“Don`t let anyone or anything to dull your sparkle.” ~Pradeepa Pandiyan

One-Liner Wednesday-come out a Lion

“ME, Going into the Prayer Room Me, Going coming OUT of the Prayer Room”.

As I sit here next to my husband very sick with Covid, I am reminded God has us. I will admit that I think after 2 plus years of not contracting the virus, and living free we felt we were kind of exempt from it. Although we were very much not. This is miserable, it is no joke. The symptoms are horrible, and daily we must stay so close to God. I don’t want to get into a dark space even for a second. I want to go in meek as a cat, and come out strong like a Lion.

A to Z list

A- Age: 47
B- Biggest fear: elevators
C- Current time: 1:51 p.m.
D- Drink you last had: coffee
E- Every day starts with: prayer
F- Favorite song: Redeemed
G- Ghosts, are they real?: no
H- Hometown: Spokane Washington
I- In love with: my life
J- Jealous of: warm weather
K- Killed someone?: not yet jk
L- Last time you cried: Yesterday
M- Middle name: Marie, just like Lisa Marie Presley
N- Number of siblings: 1 brother
O- One wish: for all my family and friends to know Jesus personally
P- Person you last called: My mom
Q- Question you’re always asked: By my son “did you wear a mask”?
R- Reason to smile: My life
S- Song last sang: Brittany Spears “not yet a woman” my husband is killing me smalls 😂😜
T- Time you woke up: 10:30
U- Underwear color: umm no answer
V- Vacation destination: Florida to see my daughter, and Universal Studios
W- Biting inside of my cheeks in mouth
X-X-Ray’s you’ve had: too many to know
Y- Your favorite food: bread
Z- Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Thank you Carol Anne what a fun prompt, enjoyed this very much!