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Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #89: Filled with giddiness

I can’t hold it in any longer, “honey we are going to be parents”! Even though we could not have a baby of our own making, that beautiful young lady finally signed the papers. She gave us her blessing in her baby for the taking

I want to scream with giddiness, the nursery in our house has sat vacant for years. I can’t wait for the babies cries to fill the hollows of the walls that is has felt, and our ears for all too many years

It will no longer be the two of us, we will have our own little family at last. I will no longer walk past strollers looking the other way with tears brewing in my eyes. This has to be the happiest day of our lives

“Oh honey I can feel the joy bursting from your heart”! “You will make the best mommy ever, baby Evan will be lacking for nothing”. We will give Evan all the years of happiness we have been planning and hoping for in our own baby of our own making. This is how it was meant to be, Evan Michael will know he is loved beyond all measure. He is our gift given from another that we will always treasure! “A baby boy, oh the joy in the miracle that in just a matter of days he will come home swaddled in your arms, his mommy”.

“Let’s go call the family”…Evan Michael will one day be saying dadda, and momma to us. We will finally have a baby to fill the space of that nursery we made so perfect 10 years ago. It will no longer ring echos of emotional emptiness, just bliss in that of our baby

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First Line Friday: October 9th, 2020 Wishing upon a Star, Sarah!

For MLMM: Start with: He laid awake and said the name into the night.

He laid awake, and said the name into the night. In the twilight of the sky, he barely whispers Sarah. They say wish upon a Star, anything your heart desires.

All I have ever wanted was a Sarah. I can see her blonde ponytail up so high bobbing back and forth. She was stunning. I don’t see why it had to abruptly end just because she moved up North.

Sarah was the one who made my heart skip beats to the excitement in her smile over the littlest things. She was joy all encompassed. Now my heart breaks with the image left behind of her eyes so sparkly blue. She was true, she was my Sarah.

Now we are nothing, and all I can muster is sitting here under the heavens wishing for Sarah to reappear. Oh dear, will this ache have an end? For goodness sake, all I ever wanted was a Sarah.

They say wish upon a Star, anything your heart desires. Sarah where are you!

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One-liner Wednesday: people can, and do change! Pray!

Upper left hand corner 7 years ago after being booked & arrested for a disorderly intox. Alcohol does not discriminate. I did not always look like that until I allowed alcohol to grab hold of me. I could not live without it. That picture can’t ever be unseen, yet the change in me now is seen! It is real, and known! Here I am 7 years later, and sober! All by the grace of God! I had so many people in prayer for me! Prayer works, Jesus changes!

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The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Sept. 26, if only with the twinkle of my nose 😉🙏🏻

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “container.”

Getting ready to move! Disclaimer I don’t believe in magic, but if I did I wish for all of my belongings to be a twinkle of my nose into a container. How nice would that be. We just helped my son move, and I over did it. I took a week to get back to feeling a little better. Now it is time to get our house all packed! With a twitch of my nose, no! With the support of my family/friends, and God as my strength we will make this move yet! He always carries us through, so here we go readying for our move

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11