Popped some tags oh wait those are my stitches

I feel like the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis song Thrift Shop. “I’m gonna pop some tags”. Instead I popped my stitches, and I don’t have Twenty dollars in my pocket.

Yeah I wish lol

Well when I do something I do it to the finest. I woke in immense pain in the middle of the night, and I knew something was very wrong with my left breast.

Making my way to the mirror, and with the pain running down my left shoulder to my elbow I could see the deformation in my left breast. My husband could not believe what he saw, he too knew it was bad!

So they are stating I popped my pectoral muscle stitches dislodging, and rotating my left tissue expander. It is so morphed looking. It all moved right, and is hard as a rock in one lump area. They have taken me down to zero activity. As well I am in quarantine from all people/stores. I can’t even get comfortable. Yet it is not life threatening just excruciating.

I have a tele-Med appointment Tuesday. I am pretty sure the outcome will be to ready me for surgery. So what was to wait until after the holidays, is not going to happen. As well all the sweet progress I have made on our new place has been put on hold. I am trying to hold onto Pslam 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.

As well this is all totally out of my control in all honesty I did nothing I am not allowed to do, except maybe listen when my body was pushing back.

So there it is as I write from my pillow on my bed, and drinking tea. Of course thinking it could not be any sooner that this gets taken care of. This is the most miserable I have been since my double mastectomy. Here is to some sleepless nights, and still seeking His will be done not mine. I do know though this too shall pass, I just wish the pain wasn’t so great. So my presence in WP may be a little less, as I try to rest here and there. God bless you all, His will not mine!

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