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Yes, I am in love with my bike

Yes if sat down, and was given a polygraph I could not tell a lie I am in love with riding my bike. Okay yes I would have to admit it is a love affair of sorts. I love the way biking makes me feel. It is a an absolute thrill, and my heart is happy with all it sees while out and about. All five senses come to life

Biking is like getting ready for a hot date with my husband, I bustle to ready myself for my ride. I try to beat the heat index. Hustling for selfies, and pictures of all sorts. Thank God I found my skins, and shorts

If only my next of kin could have such an encounter as I. It is so fly, especially when the breeze brushes across your forehead in the melt of the day. Looking from side to side at all of nature’s pride. Soaking wet my skin with miles sweat. You bet I am in love with my bike. I will not deny such favor. It adds a flavor to my life I can’t completely describe

Stopping to drink some water, lubricating by bones. It is all self gratification. It makes me look good, and feel good (I shall boast). My bike and I, we just get a long very well (let’s toast). It treats me swell, and I will pass this good vibe sport down through generations. There will be no fibbing on this mood my bike allows me. I am in such anticipation of my next ride, come on y’all too should give it a try. It couldn’t hurt maybe you to will absolutely love it. I am off just me, and my bike! My bike and me, see ya in a bit✌️ Off for a whirl

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