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Sucker punched souls, No let it not be so!

Lunacy in every nook and cranny. Uncanny the secrets of your soiled souls putrid display. Only lucid to those who lurked in the night. Go to sleep you are a fright

If only you could remember the words you sobbed in your inebriation. They would make anyone have goose bumps the size of boulders. Secrets no one should ever have to wear upon there shoulders

Perverse were the things that lay dormant until blood thirsty it fed from the pint sized Fireball Whiskey you always had waiting for you by your bed. It was cloak and dagger. Then you admitted all your sin in the dark as inhibtions transitioned with each taste. Stop, stop talking you are making me sick

Sucker punched is the only way I could explain it. You would have no recollection of the twisted words that broke from there holding cell. Me I was now in mourning

You were not the man I thought you to be. I needed a pardon from the validity. It was such a blow to my heart, I sought my rescue in the numbing fixation you too found in a bottle. Take your knife put in my back twisting and turning it. No swallowing back the words were already spoken. Broken!

Look to left look to the right we were past the fight. If we had only looked up. I told you just tell someone, anyone else please not just me. It was just to much for me as your wife. You knocked the wind out me. You dripped the blood from my soul with frozen twist upon the knife with cruel words of lust. The trust was gone. I still had an inkling of hope even in the dark you resided God was bigger than this 

No remission you did this and you would have never been given permission for such a thing. The repercussions great, a fling in the night. If it had only been one

You claim God told you that you can drink. Insanity!! The bible says to not drink not to be drunk. It was not okay for either of us. You tricked yourself. You tricked me, abandoned your marriage bed

I have not been able to really give words to the surprise you sprung, it just felt like life ended. I was suspended from our vows it was the only way out. You handed it right to me, my reprieve rest in your hand. Right there for the taking, and you saw no fault in your ways

So stay, no I could not stay…you handed me the writ of permission I was able to find my reprieve

What a sad story we were, so much potential starting with God. Somewhere He got tossed. You became boss of your soul, and me I can only blame myself for not standing my ground. For in my weakness Satan found way

Reprieve is what you wanted. You made way for it. Bit it off, downed it whole. No save for the soul

So stay, no I could not stay this time with no stutter leaving you to shudder in your lusty maze. If it had only been a phase for that with God we could have saved

A bomb blew up within my heart, I take responsibility for my part. Alcoholic I became totally insane, spiritually sick. For you did not like me not one little bit. So we just continued to get lit

That was it….The END!

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Evil army of one, all in the name of misery loves company

There was a calm as the bus doors shut, the wheels on the bus round and round like a lullaby carried her led lids to sleep.

Behind the bus doors there was placid. Unbeknownst to her, beyond the bus doors; the doors that led to her house sat a man heavily armed. Sitting holding his ammunition in wait for the hour of her coming. He was her snool.

He had set out for war, to take who once was his ally down. No frown, he grew wild with demonic thought. He had set out to steal her reputation. Made phone calls that burned every overpass. His purpose was to thow her out, and stab her in the back repeatedly until there was no life in her. His blade keen, and hand strong. Then he would nudge her lifeless body off a steep ravine. Claiming insanity took her. She was crazed, and no one cared. He spoke words that would make even evil cringe. All this because he could not forgive his own failing. He fell from the marriage bed, out of sync out of step. His character was lost when he woke to a different set of sultry eyes staring back at him. The names he never caught. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, all in retreat of not forgiving himself.

He could not fathom her to succeed, and would make hell on earth her reality. He was in want for her to check her self into her own padded den, with a white straight jacket. Never to be heard from again.

Her face, and her things reminders of the trade he made with drunken spooks. He danced away the night with lust as his companion. So what if he did her in, he could be in la la land as if his own sin never even happened. If not for once, but several lessons he did take. He wanted to be the most eloquent in win of his prize. No matter the size, or presentation just a lusty disposition.

He had their daughter pack her belongings, for he could not handle or touch her things in rouse of the vow he made to her. 19, and he thought she was his world. Now hurry bury this world away. Too much decay, it had grown moldy. It was unsalvagable. It must be tossed out to not have it spread in loss of him the savage. 

He drank, and drank some more to deafen his heart to God’s claim. Which was indeed his marriage, as it was vowed before man, church, and God. Coward is as coward does. Lose “the one” in save of yourself. 

So break yourself against her stones. Spit your pity in her soul. You never needed any help. Heavily armed, heavily guarded. You sold her out in save for yourself. Never to be friends again. You were the arson for the bridge that led to her heart. Your hands set fire to kinship, and now you are foe. For her you will never know. 

You made your own army within. “This is the end, my only friend, the end.” That night you made all her pictures disappear with that quote in tote. I am sure a drunken stooper. You vanished her from your life, your wife. Your Wife!! You wrote it, and made it truth. For you wrote the end of your story. Gory you were, and maybe still are. For in her back you left deep red caverniss scars. 

All this as as she slept from her weary heart, as before she set out hands were laid upon her in prayer. Leading her on her way. She was ignorant to the war ready to impede. She was not in want for a kill, if anything just to heal. All this was beyond the bus doors as she drifted fast asleep to the bus wheels round and round.

Little did she know she know her head rested on God’s shoulder. He was about to bring order to the war that mangled hearts. No more blood would be spilled. The alcoholic misery in her was about to be snuffed out, in seek of new life. They rode that bus together, there were two set of footprints wherever she set foot from here on out.

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On a wing, and a prayer! Yet the prayer was not there. Not quite yet!

Down the stairs I went with the last of my life in my hands, closing the door to ME. Everything ME was behind those doors. My heart felt bent, mangled, and distorted. I was completely spent

Laughter in the early morning as my kids would race for television dibs. The sibling rivalry I would not hear. Having to lead them into their homeschool work, with a perky smile. All this now was lingering miles behind me. As the car wheels drew further from my family that made me, ME. Without them I had no exsistence

What was next I did not know. I just knew this was the most pain I had ever felt. These cards dealt were not a hand I wished to play. Sorrow rained upon my day. Lord where will I go, how will I be carried through

I stayed with different families within my church. Different beds, so much hurt. I was distant, and talked little. Reminded that this too could not last

So few friends, and my only family just closed the door behind me. With phone in hand I had to call my mom in Washington. It was time to go home to my roots

Soot I declared, cremation my heart is mere ashes. I did not want to live I cried. I already felt dead inside. My mom knew the distress in my voice, as I wept. Barely breathing between my sobs. The cob webs, and skeletal remains were enough to do anyone in

The wheels in my head were a constant replay of my kids voices. Longing to see, touch, and feel their presence. Merciless trampling my brain to no end. My kids, they were my kids, how could he do this

All I could do as I had zero resources was get on a plane bound northwest. That really felt like a slam in the chest. How does a mom leave all she is behind. Oh this life is so unkind. God will you not spare me from this reality? Go back, and change all to a minor technicality

In all honesty there was nothing left. I could not go back. I gave into the devil and could not elude him. In fact earlier that week in an inebriated state, I waded into a pool put my hands up in the air. Just did not care, and began to float under water. Waiting for my body to have no breath. There was nothing left. My vision Ebenezer. Feeling God was a rouge

All I remember is standing in a shower, wondering why I was still with life. Yelling at people who saved me to leave me be, let me loathe in self pity. My world crashing in around me, God could not grab me. Curled in a corner of the tub in my bathing suit, head so low. Fresh cut wounds staining me red. I wanted to be dead

All that was left for me to do was get on a plane in save of my life. What little life I had. So on a wing, and a prayer. Yet the prayer was not there. Not yet! Just jet fuel, and distemper. Waiting to detonate

With luggage in tow, and all the baggage my heart now carried it was quite a load. Turmoil surrounded me, and the devil gloated. I was half loaded upon flight. Not sure where I left God, feeling the rod he did not keep. Maybe in the car as we drove off with my all ME, my life in the rear view mirror. On a plane now leaving all of ME behind, bound for who knew where. God was making way to do a number on me YET!

2 Corinthians 1:1
He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us again. On him we have set our hope that he will continue to deliver us.