I just stay

Written in response to Sadje’s What do you see #189

I feel the soft drops seep within my skin, my bodies sponge wants to keep my hand extended. Dry is not an option. I know I’m not exempt from the worlds lure. Today I have the tools to know I have to keep my hand sweeping the truth. God has gifted me this solution. I need to stay open to each droplet. I can today keep looking through the booze in the glass seeing the doom on the other side. Each drop penetrates my heart, my creators hands gifts me the unique way of gifting back what I have if I chose to stay with arm stretched out with an open mind. The water might become more than a drip, it’s okay God’s got me. Let the rain fall down it’s all so divine. I just stay

I feel the splash upon my face. Dry drunks don’t make it they say, I need to stay. I have the means to keep my hand extended out. My nourishment is each of there’s experience, strength, and hope. It’s the how to keep my soul from withering. It’s mine if I keep extending my palm for waters need. It’s mine for life if I please. I just stay

I feel my soul awakened with each droplet running down the veins of my hand. I never want to go back to parched dry land. Each cascade is willingness to stay. No need for umbrellas cover, for this is where I don’t get pulled under. I just stay

I feel the soft subtle youth of my skin with the waters stain. I know if I just stay I gain. The moment I think I have it all figured out, my body shrivels up like a prune. Surely doomed I choose to keep my hand outstretched because to each of there’s experience, strength, and hope which is truly instrumental to my hearts wealth. I chose to stay my hand out as far as I can reach for waters puddle is my new escape. I just stay


What is blue, whatever it have you

Is it a color

It is a feeling

Is in an escape

As I ponder the moment my eyes creep from beyond my blanket, and summers new. It has found me. I instantly think will my skies be blue

As I wake with a cup of coffee steaming with Vanilla creamers fragrance arousing my senses to wake. Am I feeling blue today? No actually I feel quite great

As I sit here looking all around the sky as vast as oceans deep indeed it is a beautiful escape for my heart to breathe in the canvas blue. A blue in every hue. It surrounds me day in, and day out. God’s glory drapes the skies, and his artists hands gives moods to the land. Blue is whatever it have you. Truly blue is amazing in more ways than my blue eyes can see, yes whatever it have you and me blue will be

Is it a color

Is is a feeling

Is it an escape, I believe blue is blue and whatever it have you let it be

Challenge: Weekly prompts weekend challenge
Topic: Blue