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Thank you WordPress supporters & followers!

Yesterday was one of my rougher days, having an emergent visit with my doctor for some trauma from my double mastectomy.

So having seen this as I was on my way out the door was a huge blessing in disguise. I love it in here. I have learned so much from all of you. A lot of new things I had not seen when blogging in here before. 6 word prompts, and being asked to try one. How much fun!

Getting to be involved in Cee’s Photo Challenges, Linda G. Hill’s One-liner Wednesday’s, and the Saturday SoCS prompt has been so much fun. Not to mention the countless comments left with such gracious, and encouraging words. So I thank you all, I hope to continue to grow in my daily writing. I hope to know you all more through all your posts. I feel blessed to be part of the WordPress community. God has so blessed my life with all of your gifts, and talent!

Blessing to you all, 💜

Lisa M. Boyd

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge All about buildings: Commercial buildings or store fronts.

High Drive where you can see all the buildings in my city, Spokane
A view from the side of Riverfront Park, Spokane
Spokane Arena, in line for a concert
White Elephant 75 years serving Spokane, was closing their doors we had to go say our goodbyes. Best sporting goods store in town
This is the White Elephant that has sat in front for 75 years, it is now donated to the carousel at Riverfront Park
Bing Crosby grew up in Spokane, has many buildings dedicated to him
Northern Quest at a concert

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: All about buildings: Old buildings, barns, sheds, houses

Said to have a very cool feel, and is still open today. Reminds me of Hollywood
1906 Wallace Printing Company
Who would not want to stay a hotel called Sweet’s
1924 City Hall
I could have taken 100’s of pictures in this old mining town!
Turn of the century old Victorian home we stayed in
Look at the stairs to enter this historic apartment building, so cool
The history of the Oasis was this city was known as a Brothel, the only city on 1-90 to have a stop sign on the freeway

We had the opportunity to visit the quaint historic town of Wallace Idaho for the weekend. I felt like I slipped back in time for the weekend. It is a remarkable town full of history. Known for their mining.

We talked to many locals who were just there for a visit like us, and the next thing they knew they were packing up their lives. They were in route to make Wallace their home. I don’t blame them, it is a magical place, with so much charm. In the early 1900’s the whole city burnt to the ground. That is why there is now so much masonry work on their buildings. I fell in love at first sight! It was dynamite!