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Fandango’s Flash Fiction #93- My baby girl, my hell

Bitter cold, bitter life, fog filled skies, fog filled eyes

Rum, or Whiskey sounds nice, boy I sure am thirsty. My heart is as cold as the winters breeze I would kill not to feel. Cut me off at my knees, anyone take pity on me please

She was just a skirt yet she took my ego, and trampled all over it. Spat on me leaving me with the lent in my pockets. Barely enough bus fair. She don’t care

She don’t care as I stand here not able to feel my fingers in wait for another hour or more. Even the score. I just wish my heart would stop aching, and body shaking. Her words cut me like a knife, she ain’t nothing special what am I so worked up for

A gal like her is a dime, and dozen. She painted her face on, looked like a clown. Her hair thin, and ratty. Always pulled in a bun. She might as well have been a nun. Hell who am I kidding, she had me wrapped tight around her ring finger

She ain’t never given me anything I want. She was a nag, a holler. I might as well have worn a damn dog collar. Why am I so torn inside, I don’t get the confusion of my brain. Am I insane. Did I enjoy being her boy toy. All take no give

Kicking the snow with my head down I see the tread of a tire. I hear a skid-dish stop. “Hey you, good lookin’.” “Hop in baby, let’s get you back home where you belong.”

I look up from my shoes, in know of that voice. There she was my baby girl, her hair so neatly pulled back in her bun. Her rouge up her cheekbones in a nice set of stripes. My girl, she came for me. Her lipstick smudged with cigarette dangling. She was gangly, but she was mine

I eagerly jumped into the passengers seat, and gave her a big wet kiss on the cheek. She was everything I had ever wanted in a woman. She came back for me. She wants me, and I am sure I will be sleeping on the couch again. Haven’t felt her skin in years. Man I need a drink, a beer anything will do. I need my beer goggles, dammit I think I am insane. In play of her game

I don’t care it is better than anything I can find out there, and I am now out of the bitter cold. She is my skirt, and I know I ain’t get nothing from there. She don’t care, but she is my baby girl. I gotta take care of her. She needs me, and the money I work hard for provides for her wants. My life I am in the passenger seat once again, with her scratchy nicotine scathed voice waiting for her nag and holler

She turned up the music, and screeched her car tires. She didn’t say hi, she just started playing to the beat of the song on her steering wheel. She bobbed her head, and blew smoke my way with each verse. She was a curse, and I was under her spell. Her perfume a musky smell, now once again my hell

Oh well at least she was my hell, and nobody else’s. I sure hope she stops at the first convenience store, I really do need a drink. Ahhh this is the life, God she is a beauty, that rouge so perrrrtyyy

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One-liner Wednesday September 2, Patience is a virtue (play on words)

Yet I wasn’t laughing

Yet I wasn’t laughing, since Covid and Breast Cancer double Mastectomy surgery this has been my life, except I wasn’t laughing.

So the whole idea I pull up with my driver, and we call the number on the outside of the door to the clinic to check in. My mom happened to be my driver on this day. The lady responds with “a nurse will be right out to get you.” It is a very hot dry day resting temp is about 98 degrees.

My mom proceeds to recline her drivers seat, and begins to fall asleep. It is pretty close to closing time inside the clinic. Once 5:00 rolled around, and an hour had passed I called that number again. They forgot about me, and it was my mom who was more unhappy about the situation then me. She let them know when they came out to get me too. She works at a hospital so this was not okay with her in slightest bit, Covid or no Covid. I was like you tell them mom. Covid has changed how all my appointments go. This day though my mom and I were really like seriously?!?! Patience is a virtue (play on words).

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August 14 A Photo A Day

The Tin Man in rare form, spoon & fork for arms. A bird he holds on his arm.
Not a bridge of Madison County
In the brush, she is put to working hard
Always have heard about these abstract rock formations, found a few on my ride. This is Love & Peace!

This was written for Citysonnet Photo A Day Challenge: August 14: Abstract

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Fibbing Friday: August 7th, 2020

These are the words and what I made of them

  1. kinetoscope
    Diving real deep in a barrel of assorted fruit with your eyes covered, and then you see what color fruit you pull out
  2. lugubrious
    A giant lug nut found on monuments, statues of men only as a way to tell there masculinity
  3. maudlin
    A rare type of lady bug that is lacking color
  4. numismatics
    A method of massaging the brain to a state of relaxation through death metal, the screaming almost adds a numbing effect
  5. opulence
    A state of the art curling iron that adds sheen to each curl without any other products
  6. prepubescence
    A scent that comes from oak trees, as they grow to be able to tell of their age. It is often a strong musty odor (that puts off a human body odor at its worst), said to cause a gasp for air if you come in contact with it. The worse the odor the older the oak.
  7. quixotic
    The art of men dancing with tights, and no shirts or shoes. There body is said to move for carefree, and artistic
  8. recumbent
    A new energy drink that has no artificial flavors or ingredients, they say it is better than any other on the market
  9. stereoscope
    Often seen sticking out of the window of a car, that projects the sound of high quality audio gear. The scope adds to the bass, and gives it a little treble.
  10. turgid
    An old lady that is often caught rifling through people’s grocery carts, especially seen in Walmart