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JusJoJan 9 & #SoCS –-How great my Father’s love for me

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: skys the limit. Write about something that has or seems to have no end. Enjoy!

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6

This one thing I know undoubtedly in my heart today. There is no greater love known to man than of my savior Jesus Christ. My life as long as I walk with Him, and my heart is right before Him is limitless. I can have the beautiful life when I say “thy will not mine be done”. It doesn’t mean that my life is easy nor does not have pain, grief, or even sorrow. It means that His love for me is limitless, and with that love I can get through the storms that this life brings. It is not all rainbows, butterflies, and Cotton Candy. Yet it is so divine.

He can help me dance in the rain, turn ashes to beauty, and lift my hands in praise in the mist of my pain.

Limitless unconditional love for me, and He is faithful to complete the work He started in me. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t imagine not signing up for such a thing in my life today. Heck yeah, I signed up! Please God help me to keep my end of the deal. I love living my life today in peace that surpasses all understanding, and without chaos. A mind of clarity viewed through God’s lens for my heart. The beauty of simplicity.

And this my friend is just the start because His love is indeed limitless beyond all comprehension to that of man. It is hard to understand. He does miracles in, and around my life. He shows up, and He even shows off. His love for me is real! Surreal! Sovereignty, my heart is no longer bankrupt. Poverty no more. Jesus shines!

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Fairytales, fables, mysterious creatures, and illusions. Open an ancient book where God has the real hook in that of the Bible!

This is no fairy tale or tall tale. I see you Lord crisp as the morning air. Your presence every where

My vision is not skewed. Ears are not muffed, I look around how magestic is your name in all the earth. How pleasing to the ear the echoes of your words in my heart

You did not pull a bunny from a hat, or a coin from out of no where. Apocryphal the mystical creatures we read of in other books of old. No truth to be told in those. All make believe. Something up someone’s sleeve. You created the heavens and the earth, all its features

I am not delustional in all the miracles retold, just as your blood shed for the saving of us is no illusion 

I am firmly planted in the soil that you planted me in. What I hear, and what I see is what you ask of me. I read of truth, hope, and victory. I read of stories of strife, madness, and deep sadness

No fairy tales, real life miracles. A butterfly as a marker of your creation, but no tinker bell sprinkling fairy dust

Just open the word and begin in Genesis creations story unfolds. For you Lord are greater than any of fables creatures. No tall tales here, go hide under the bed if you don’t want fed to The Bridge to Teribithia

Ancient stories that bring God glory. There are giants, devils, and kings, in the Bible, all the makers of the top selling fables. The difference being these stories are real. Not fictitious. Get out the Bible take a look, go on read it. On your knees you may find yourself grovel. Especially if you were ever one to call it a fairy tale or fable. Fictional it is not, may your heart be open to every word written. Enveloped in the stories of old, retold. It is the way, the truth, and life. In it may you delight