Let us hug again

All too many I long to hug, this stupid Covid bug. It has taken so much of the personable touch out of all of us

Evanescent is the warmth of his arms around mine as my son walks away with mask over face, guarded in every way

I long for their sweet embrace when I see them face to face. My precious mother-in-law in her dementia state has to be told no I can’t hug mom. She longs to be hugged, and held. Instead it has to be explained to her over, and over again. As well to cover up her face.

I think we all are in miss of the sweet embrace, and look we give with the smile on our face. The eyes just seem weary, or is it mad? I can’t tell anymore, 14 months going strong. Same old song, and dance.

Evanescent this should never be, to touch, and to see is common decency. Why does this Covid bug get to take so much control. Our elderly are getting very old, and lonely are their days. Our youth need affirmation, and elbow bump just will not do. The given has us under their thumb.

Stay in, do this, do that. Yet they say we’re all in this together. As we sit here May 3rd maybe going. back a phase, watch how not together the people of my city become. Unhinged, and stripped to the core. Covid has all just hanging on by a thread.

Take off your mask mom asks, “give me hug”. We have been over it 100 times before. She will forget as soon as she is told yet again. All she longs for is to feel the touch of her kids. People are watching us too. Pressed down, and oppressed. We try to give her a glimmer of hope, but try to explain that to someone who is not even sure where she is. She just needs the touch of her kids.

We all do! Covid needs to go away, and let us have our sweet embrace, and smiles seen from face to face. Jesus keep us hanging on, knowing there is an end to this story here on earth. For this life is temporal. Help us hold on to hope in you, hugs to come. Smiles we will see…

My son, his girlfriend and myself!
My mother-in-law, husband and myself! She is so fragile!


Just for today I am free…

Just for today! One day at a time I am free! For this I am so very fortunate, for there used to a grave with my name etched deep into the stone. So cold

I am free!

By the grace of God just for today I am not irritable, or discontent. I don’t clamor off of chaos. I thrive off of peace, and serenity. I am free! For this I am fortunate death is not knocking at my door. Clamor, and drown in sorrow no more

I live, and reside in the solution. The cobwebs are gone but spider still exists. This is contingent solely on the maintenance of my spiritual house. Today it is clean, I have turned it all over to God. I have the tools to live in the world free! For this I am fortunate I am NOT desperately seeking my next pour, it was such a horror

I don’t have to pick up when things are not all rainbows, butterflies, or unicorns. Which in this last year few are the days of any of those, but I don’t have drink over it today. I choose honesty, willingness, and open mindedness. I choose to know I am not in charge of the show. I also have no control over people, places, or things. That makes me free! For this I am fortunate because it takes me out of self, I live on this side of the dirt

This is what God has done for me, gifted me a fellowship with the solution to live sober. Gifted me a cancer free life. He has for today set me free. For this I am fortunate I have been gifted another breath of life, new sight

With all this said I have a date with a bike, and some miles to travel where the most beautiful of time comes to absorb my Heavenly Father, and His will for my life. All this because I am free. For this I am fortunate because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow I do not yet know. Just now! Wow, amazing this is even my life. All glory to God

Just for today!

Saw a lady about a tattoo this weekend!
Rode the farthest yet! Wet from sweat 😓
My place where I can feel God, just look at it! Free!


I have this thing for speed!

I have this thing for speed, out on my bike. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed you see I set my Stava application to calculate while I ride. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, out on my bike. I ain’t riding no trike this is a mountain bike. Gaining much strength, and endurance from a very tainted year. Pushing it hard into gear. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, I love to ride. I have this mentality of ride hard, or go home. Each day my miles, and speed increase. It makes me feel so accomplished when I am putting my bike away. Knowing I went a little harder than the day before. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed. I desire to gain all of my arm strength back that I lost with my double mastectomy surgeries. The doctor says, “you go Lisa”! “You got this”! Ain’t no cancer surgeries going to take all my strength at 47 years years old away. I must go faster, and farther than the time before

I have this thing for speed, and I happen to know God gave me the strength to get back up after one of the longest years of my lifetime. He gave me the desire to regain all that my body has lost. He has given me the will. I must go faster, and farther than the time before


One-Liner Wednesday-overcoming suffering

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is full of also the overcoming of it.” ~Helen Keller

I chose this on this morning one year ago as I was at the hospital in the very beginning of Covid being prepped for my double mastectomy. My breast cancer journey began on April 14, 2020. I am in awe of God, and His gracious hand. He is the ultimate surgeon. I am more than grateful my husband was there as my caretaker when I came home with 8 drain tubes, and in immense physical as well mental discomfort. 4 months ago in a couple days was my last, and final surgery. I with God have overcome the suffering. I am a survivor. All glory to God!

I had many hard days full of grief, and lots of tears. I have had many days of meltdowns, that without God I could not have endured. I have learned what grief, and acceptance are in this medical crisis that came my way. This was not just something I went through alone. My husband has had his own emotions, and struggles through it all too. We persevered with strength in our loving God. For He is good, and He will not put us through anything we can’t get through. So I overcame. We overcame, and today 1 year later I am breast cancer free. I am getting back to what is my normal slowly, but surely. God truly is the ultimate surgeon, of the body and soul!


One-Liner Wednesday-fear of what other people think

“One of the greatest prisons people live in is the fear of what other people think”. ~Toby Mac

You don’t have to be imprisoned any longer, let God set you free. He will remove all the shackles that hold you captive. Whatever fear you have allow him unlock the door, and walk out a free man today! For it is by His grace we get to live in His mercy! Don’t let the world define you, let God define you. For what profit is there for man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul!