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Time with my mom

I was able to spend my day with my beloved mom. She was giving of her time to take me to see my surgeon today.

My expander had shifted more causing even greater pain, so this appointment was in hopes of him being able to once again try to manipulate it back into its place.

I was literally in the surgeons office for maybe 10 minutes. It had shifted to where he just turned it left, and bam it was right back to where it belonged. I was in awe. He was so excited he not only high fived me, he hugged me. He knows what a long road this breast cancer journey has been. His face was all lit up.

He wanted me to get my bra on immediately to keep the expander in its place. When he saw my bra, he was not happy. He said it was not supportive enough. His direct orders were to go to lululemon, and buy a very high end sport bra. $213.00 dollars high end.
lululemon makes technical athletic clothes for yoga, running, working out, and most other sweaty pursuits. One bra for my needs was $108.00. I have many girlfriends who shop their. It was quite the treat.

Quite the treat is having my breast expander back in place, and I am praying until my surgery it stays there. My mom, and had a very enjoyable day together today. She even treated herself at lululemon.

So here is too beloved family that is willing to help when we need it. My husband got to work all day, because my mom sacrificed her time. Family is such a gift! God is great, and he knows exactly what we need when we need it!

“Honor your father and mother, and love your neighbor as yourself.” – Matthew 19:19

My mommy and me! Cheese 📸

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Scratching my head in awe of how great a God we serve?!? Nope because I know He loves me just that much and more!

I can’t begin to scratch the surface of all my emotions that my son is going camping with us this Labor Day weekend.

He is moving in 2 weeks, and he is extremely Covid introverted. So for a mom like me I felt so blessed, when he asked if he could go. I was in shock because since Covid I have only seen him one other time. Now I get to spend 3 whole days with him. Family is the tie that binds. God is the one who makes it happen!

I see excitement under his mask. He has not camped, and here his mom grew up gutting her own fish by 5th grade. I love camping, and am so excited my husband and myself will be the the first to introduce him to…putting up a tent, sunscreen, bon fires, s’mores, and hot cocoa, and so much more. We will create memories of the heart this weekend. We will share many deep belly laughs, and lots of sun! Kayaks too!

Thank God He knew we needed some family time before my son moves in 2 weeks. Scratching my head in awe of how great a God we serve?!?! Nope because I know He loves me just that much and more! For Him my heart adores!