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You are the air I breathe

Up at the highest peak, the air fresh. Crisp from the mountains. Soaking it in as this is God’s canvas

You are the air I breathe

Your grace breathed in and through me, invigorating as fresh as a new sprung spring drooling down a mountain side, in you I reside

Your mercy new every morning, as new as a baby with its first breath of life into this world, eyes wide open. In you I hope 

You are the air I breathe

No toxicity, replenshishment from the purest source. Allow me to drink always from the holy well, allow me never a foot where I use to dwell. In you, your holy presence may I stay

I swell with breath that gives me strength. It was such a smooth transition. You drew me into you, my spirit falls fresh on you. In you, Holy Spirit fill me

My heart has metled into yours. You took me quietly one last time from my darkness, you let me melt inside of you. In you, my heart is new

You are the air I breathe

I no longer wake wanting to drink from the unholiest of water. Empty no more, my heart is full. I am void of nothing. In you, I am complete resting curled at your feet

I am crisp with new air, my inebriation is gone. For I sing a new song. Chaos no longer lives here, everything in is order. You Lord, have given me new life that is sober. In you, all the old is shed. Me a new creation in its stead. Me!! You made me!! 

You are the air I breathe

2 Corinthians 5:17 17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

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September 11 Photo A Day: River rushed into a pool of metallic green, was it green with envy?

Metallic green pool of rivers rush

I have seen the Spokane river all different depths. Sometimes it flows really low, and sometimes it rides really high. Sometimes its very cold on the toes, sometimes its warmth brings a smile, and surprises. I have seen it all different shades of blue, and even a hint of gray. This day though the river was metallic green, it even had a hint of sheen. It is was beautiful, ascetically pleasing. It pooled beneath the rivers flow, and even made a little whirling sound as it went in round of the corners. It was prettiest I had ever seen that particular river. Metallic green is pretty indeed! Maybe it was green with envy?

Written for Citysonnet Photo A Day: September 11: metallic

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August 23 Photo A Day Monsters of Rock Show stage presence sublime, and nature at its finest

Riverside State Park Monsters of Rock singing loudly to all the hikers
Boulders of glory they tell quite the story
Pebbles of all shapes, and colors enlightened by the water drinking in nature’s power
A creek bed blanketed with pebbles, rocks, and stones

This is written for Citysonnet Photo A Day Challenge: August 23: pebbles, rocks, and stones