September, but oh for my love for hot summer months…

I can’t believe September is but a flip of the calendar day. I am sad to say goodbye to the hot summer weather. I love summer in Spokane. We are just get each other! Summer is my buddy, we hang everyday! 🤙

September brings many changes for us. I will be saying goodbye to my son who is 22, who is moving to Seattle Wa. I can’t bare to think of it. The tears come instantly, and yes I realize Seattle is only 4 hours from here. He is an introvert, and takes this Covid thing with all precautions. I don’t think I will get to see him as much as I would wish. I will pray for him as he starts school, and is setting out to begin new himself. I put him in God’s hands, and care. He is my heart! We get older, move out, and move on. I get it, and I accept this. I will just miss him so very much!

I will also be packing my own home of 2 years in our quest for our new place. We had a goal set for living here 2 years, and we will meet that almost exactly to the day. God is gracious. My husband, and I are very excited. Our new place is rad!

I will be readying myself for what I hope is my last, and final surgery in my breast cancer battle. I will be praying daily for the ultimate surgeon, my God to be at my side as I prepare for my 3rd surgery in this long journey we have been on. He has kept me strong! He has allowed my husband to be able to be my biggest support (while working). With God all things are possible!

Then last, but not least I will bid summer adieu. I will begin to pack all my summer clothes away in storage, and pull out my flannels. I will sadly say goodbye to my shorts, and tank tops. They will be sorely missed. I love summer, yes I do. Kissed by the sun upon a morning bike ride, and star gazing from the tents opening. Ahhh, say it isn’t so. Summer where did you go? Until we meet again, and you brush up against my skin…I will not say goodbye to my bike, not quite ready for that just yet.